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Late night shopping!

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Ok I’m one of those bloggers who suffers from insomnia…I can’t sleep no matter how hard I try I just can’t sleep!
So one of the crazy things that I do is I go to WAL-MART (it’s a retail store that opens 24 hours) at 2 or 3 in the morning…I just walk between the aisles…check out their DVDs….2 for 6 dollars…and I would find the weirdest movies and buy them! Hahahahaha…I don’t care how people here hate WAL-MART and what it stands for…I personally love it…I love SUPER WAL-MART ….I love shopping there late at night in my PJs…LOL
I wish if they’ll open a WAL-MART in Kuwait and maybe a Target too…ooh and then say bye bye Sultan Center.

LOL i liked the PJs part ;p

Well but that idea in ur mind think of it & study it fully & i say go for it girl! you might one day make it :D

Jelly Belly !

heh.. This is My favourite insomniac hobby of all time

God Bless Walmart ..

I usually go to the sport section and start kicking balls oo asawi 7arakat

THen I'd check out Kitchen stuff.. imagine myself as a Chef ..

THen the Dvds .. bas the problem inna they put like hundreds of cheap DVds in a basket.. oo you can only see the ones on top..

I usually stay there for 30-60 mins..

Before leaving I buy some gum 3an il fashla ..

hahahaa PJ's oh yeah my fav. part too. So JB u have to promise that if you manage to open one in Kuwait the dress code after midnight has to be PJ's otherwise you know what kind of dress codes u're gonna find ;)

one question though, when I can't sleep at night, I sleep at dawn, then can't wake up in the morn! Are YOU waking up ok for school? u'd better be or ama kick your Pjed azz girl ;p

That is fun JB but in your PJ's? Take care no one seduces you on the way darling

I too am a fan of midnight-walmarting. I don't know what I would do if I were stuck in a place w/out 24 hour stores! And they are open on Thanksgiving and Christmas, when every other store is closed and the world is massively depressing! Also, no matter how gross and dingy you think you look, there is always someone at walmart who looks worse! My weakness is definitely the kitchen stuff and the small appliances. I have a serious addiction to small appliances. . . .Oh and don't get me started on Target and their Isaac Mizrahi clothes. . . Or their "as seen on tv" section. . . fun fun fun!

My Walmart Closes...booohooohooo for me.... but i remember back in the day their was a Witch at my old walmart...she was really creepy... my fave sections of course would have to be the arts n craft section followed by the hardware section and my most random latenight purchase... a dartboard that i never actually put up... hehehhe ohhh and i remember trolly cart wars with a7medewh in the toy section that was fun im surprised we never got kicked out? oh n last but not least i bought my first legal pack of ciggies at midnightof my 18th at that same walmart ...ohhhh the memories:)

I love Walmart!We have 2 here in my city and both are 24 hr stores.The best is the new one that is about 10 minutes from where we plan to build our house.:D

LOL on the "there is always someone who looks worse"!Isn't that the truth!

Yeah I used to do that too, only shop for groceries late at night when no one is there, amazing is the life of a student, isn't it :)

Back in the days of my hangout where everyone used to join well not really everyone mostly Don, Gigi, Uzf, and GEO and myself I believe we had a club called the "Happy Happy Joy Joy Club" and we were a bunch of vampires hehe well Gigi wasn't really but in the end we grabbed her along hehee :P and so how would you like to join? :P we tend to stay up quite late and can't get enough sleep.. at the moment I am experiencing such thing so I do share you feelings and I do believe we should have a Wal-mart in q8 :/ Beats the malls here :/

i haven't been to walmart since last halloween..

even if they open a walmart superstore in kuwait .. i don't think any of us girls will be able to go there say at 4:00 a.m. alone

wow I love Wal-Mart!
when I was in Florida I used to go to it alot ... u can find anything and everything :)

When I was in England I used to sleep at 8 pm, because every thing was closed at 6 pm.

Enjoy it while you can girl, Wal-Mart is one of the things you’ll miss when you’re back home.

Along with almost everything else Ayya ;)

QCG: a7la shay going to wal-mart in my wonder woman PJ’s (people it’s not her actual outfit…it’s not Halloween) and my flip flops...hahahahaha
O 3ala 6aree ayeeb wal-mart alKuwait…I think that’s hard la’ana te7tajeen ras mal ekbeer…bas I had in mind getting the franchise of a plus size women store…and I have been corresponding with them for a while and I even had my aunt write them because she already owns a well established stores in Kuwait but they told me they were not interested in franchise outside of the U.S…but surprise surprise I got the news that (Alshaye3) mashallah 3aleehom got the store in Kuwait…it kind of pissed me off but oh well…

مبتدئ: Oh another fellow insomanic shopper hahahahhaha…isn’t wal-mart a great late night hang out? LOL
I enjoy the kitchen section too…I can’t help myself with all the summer plates and glasses…in bright summer colors…
And I love digging into the basket of the dvds…I mean what a bargain…I also spend at least an hour in wal-mart…I normally buy stupid stuff that I don’t really need and return the next day! LOL

Peach: PJ’s dress code in Kuwait…LOL….you gotta be kidding me! I don’t think any Kuwaiti chick would be caught dead in her PJ’s in Kuwait….itha mo kashkha o metsan3a min foog le ta7at ma ye9eer…hahahahhaha…but honestly I think it would be amusing to see them without their make-up and their hair done…hahahahahhaha
And don’t worry honey…I go to school and after I get done with my classes I come home nap for a couple of hours…go out again to a coffee shop…get all my studying done (since I can’t study at home and I can’t study in the library coz I fall a sleep there) and then I come home…so everything is under control honey…thanks for the concerns and no need for kicking my ass :P
But I wuv you for caring :*

Jewaira: hahahahaha seducing!! Naaah…I haven’t had that…or maybe I did from the security guy once or twice…he always follow me until I get into my car…it’s a safety thing but I have to admit kind of creepy…

Sarah: hey sweets…you comment on there is always who looks worse than you is soooo true and so funny….that’s why I go in my PJ’s and I have no problem looking the way I do! Hahahahahhaa….and another mid-night shopper…wow, we are a big community of late night shoppers! Hahahahaha…yeah I know what you mean when everything closes at Thanksgiving and Christmas time…but I think wal-mart opens half of the day during the holidays…which I think is better than nothing…
And Target…aaaaaah I love target…I can’t believe you like Isaac Mizhari too? Hahahaha this is funny…I also bought a lot of stuff from Target as gifts to bring back home and no one believes me when I tell them how much it cost! I love bargain shopping…another addiction of mine…TJ Max and Ross and of course my favorite Nordstrom rack…

Q8BL: oh I loved the super wal-mart in your old town…remember…man it was huge!
Whenever I come to see you I have to stop by there….but yeah…your new area…man sorry to say kind of depressing that everything closes so early :P
But you guys have cute little stores that you don’t really find or see here in the west coast which I think it’s pretty unique.

Christina: ooh two wal-mart next to you? Lucky you :P
The closest wal-mart to me is 2 exits away from me…which is not bad…but it’s not a super wal-mart…the closest super-walmart is about 20 minutes away from my place..when I get really bored I drive there…hahahahahah…
But congrats on your new home…how exciting dear :)

Purgatory: oh my grocery store right across the street was 24 hours but not anymore :(
But if I wanna do my late night grocery shopping I have to drive 15 minutes to another 24 hour grocery store which is not so bad…I like to shop at night…methelik ma a7eb alza7ma :)

Jackie: I Jelly Belly accept the offer of being a member of the “Happy Happy Joy Joy Club” hahahahaha what a name…I guess there is a big number of bloggers who suffer from insomnia…so cheers to my fellow sleepless bloggers ;)

Georhythm: ola you haven’t been to wal-mart since Halloween! Damn girl that’s a long time…why were you there? For buying a costume or candy for tricker treats?
O 3ala having wal-mart in Kuwait and late night shopping…affa 3aleech will find a chaperon…isn’t that sad?

Ra-1: and you forgot to add you find everything and anything in GREAT PRICE :)

True-Faith: how depressing! Everything closes at 6 PM? I don’t know if I could ever live in such a place…how did you survive?

Ayya: oh honey believe me I am enjoying every single moment ;)

Peach: please la etkhawfeeni :P

I just realized I should could some sort commission from wal-mart…I did a pretty good campaign for them…hahahahahha

How you doing insomnia girl !.. you have to find a way to sleep .. BY RELAXING AND DON"T THINK ALOT before you go to bed . there is alot of ways to get u to sleep
BUT target and wal-mart after 12 i prefer not sleep at all ;)
PS i wish ikea opens 24/7

Woohoo Thumbs up for JB, And no need to get scared you will definatly miss alot, but you will also find alot of new things here and some old things that you are no doubt missing right now ;)

And I'm a kuwaiti chick and I would go out in my JP's, in fact I would love to have the opertunity. hmm come to think of it, I do go to the Jam3iya in home cloths and n3al sometimes. Ok guys it's official I'm the coolest Kuwaiti chick alive ;D

Pink: welcome to my blog sweetie and thanks for the links...believe me I tried so many techniques but nothing really worked...I also tried sleeping pills for a while but my Doctor made me stop taking them...I know it's stress related but I don't know how to relax sometimes...but some days are better than others :)
oh I love IKEA too...ge6eni ehnak o ensaini ;)

Peach: we need to meet when I get back home...the more I read your comments..the more I think we are so much alike :P

my friend have the same problems but she can sleep well now after she Kinda settle with her life . in collegue she was the queen of insomnia Literally .. bas ashwa she sleeps enough hours with out interrupting . wish you un interrupting sleepZZZZ ;P

Pink: I think when I finally graduate and get back home I will sleep "methel alnass"

i hope so ;)

Pink: I hope so too :)

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