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I'm listening to Rashed Al-Majed new songs and one of his songs sounded familiar "al 7al al9a3eb" I was wondering if anyone knows who sang the orginal one?  Posted by Hello

forget about the song, what happened to him!!!

lol Purg.
Not into Arabic songs and speacially not into him, sorry ;)

It's Rashid's Song

Bas Ghannaha eB JaLsa Gabil 3al 3ood ,o 7aflat elfestivals
+ Tawzee3 eleghneya mghayer feha shwi

3ad ana killish wya elkhaleje ! i just heard this and another one for elnew rashid album

yeah thats right he sang it in a jalsaa heheheh :)

Purgatory: LOL...I have no idea...I think this is he's new look! kebar o dobar :P

Peach: hahahahah, thanks dear anyways ;)

eva: I could swear I heard it before as an old song...maybe there is a similar song to it because I don't think I heard it eb 7afla or jalsa...but thanks for the info eva :)

Q8BL: LOL...agool khaleech 3ala khams al7awas :P
I can't believe that's your first arabic song :P

actually my fisr arabic song was ya shams heheheh when i was in ibtedaeee ehheheh but if ur talking about my arab reintroduction then that stupid nawal song came before khams il 7awas heheheh i luv cheesy arabic music:)

I gave up a looooong time ago on Rashid. To me Rashid = Shur6an Althahab album.

But this album seems to be promising shwaya. I'll listen to it more thoroughly.

And about the look. Well .. all estakhaffow! Kella min Bashar and his ugly spikey :@

I hate him, not dislike, but hate!

a77 Q,

hehe laish man?

Q8BL: LOL ya shamas...I think I know who influenced you with that song :P
and which song for Nawal? I love Nawal and don't call her cheesy...you can call Khams al7waas cheesy but not Nawal :P

Janadeef: Laf sher6an althahab fog al betool lafha youm eltowat foog albeyath....shakhbareeeee...hahaha
well I have to say Rashid Al-Majed songs mara it9eb o 10 itkheeb 3indi...bas your right akher sharee6 isn't that bad..so far I liked a couple of his songs :)

Q: ola 6ala3a min galbik Hate...care to explain? :P

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