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Mama,just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger,now he’s dead.

OK, I’m not talking about Queen in this post…you see I don’t consider myself as a violent person…I’m very friendly and peaceful most of the time…but I had a very disturbing dream about my “beloved” neighbor…I had a dream where I walked up to him and shot him!!!!!!!!
I woke up scared and I could believe I would have such a dream! You see me and my neighbor haven’t been on good terms with each other…so this is my story…he has been fixing he’s bike in odd hours of the day and the noise is just too much to handle…he works early in the morning and late at night…I gave him hints that my apartment is right across from his garage…but the man doesn’t care…I talked to the leasing office but guess what? He’s working on the manager’s bike and all the maintenance guys are buddies with him!
My other neighbor had complaints too since her baby cries from the loud pipe noise…so you know what I did? I took pictures of him and recorded a clip of him working at 5 A.M in the morning (during the weekend/weekdays) and I’m planning to show it to the manager if he doesn’t do anything about it I’m contacting the head office…I don’t wanna sound grumpy but when I moved to this complex I knew there will be no noise…if I wanted the noise I would have lived closer to school…
I still can’t believe I had violent dream about this old grumpy man! LOL

my "beloved neighbor"  Posted by Hello

Is that the official blog entry to tell me that you don’t like me no more? That we’re done being friends ? :P

Hehehe 3ad i was about to say what don said;;

hehehe r u showing how you hate don who is your neighbour1!!

Don and jelly ana ma dareet inkom jeran.

hehe yayba il manager 3oon sarlich fer3oon .. go straight to the head office the hell with the manager and his crew .. if it'll get him into trouble then seriously do cause he's just not supposed put his needs before a resident's..

How do you complain about the noise a dog makes at 3 am almost everyday? People and kids' noises we can complain about, but when it comes to their pets, these Americans bare their teeth.

Don't get me wrong. I love dogs, specialy my neighbor's dog. She is the cutest little puppy. But barking and yelping at 3 or 4 am almost everyday is really annoying. I already know the response I'd get if I mention it to anyone: "Stupid animal-hating arabs"

Good luck, and let us know how it goes with your neighbor.

Be thankful JB that your place is not adjacent to a mosque with a Bangladeshi moathen who screams at the top of his lungs (in a microphone) for fajer prayer including clearing his throat several times in the process. Oh, and more than one time his timing was screwed up so he gave a false athan right after midnight, and you can do nothing about it.

Weeeh JellyBelladonna dreaming about murder- must be bad!
Complain, politely ;)

An old man, a biker, noisy, odd hours, and fixing your landlord's bike.

Saalfitich ma ttaragga3 min kel 9ob. Can't help ya.

Don: yes I'm sending you subliminal messages...LOL ;)

nooni: ma tadreen this is Don 20 years from now, bald with white ponytail...o karsha o black leather pants...our own Hells Angels..LOL

Georythm: I'm going stright to the head office as soon as I get done with my finals..bas 6afa7a al kayel ;)

noony: oh you can't mess around with a man's best friend...hahahaha...I'm an animal lover but I can understand how you feel when it comes to dogs...thank god my complex only allows cats :)

Ayya: I have that problem back in Kuwait...baitna is exactly between 2 mosques and both mo'atheneen sound horrible...I wish if they have a recorded athan wewa7doon al athaan eb kil masayed al Kuwait.

Jewaira: it's bad alright...yesterday I screamed from my balcony to tell him to shut-up...he cranked he's music up! it's war baby and I'm not losing this battle ;)

Jandeef: al 7ala kaseefa wana ekhtik..so far I don't need help or reinforcements bas if I do I will haller atcha yeah :P

Allah yekoon b'3oonech !
But I must say you rock girl , go ahead and do it if you can prove it ! bas take care ... :)

Good luck

Jb don't be a mean old neighbora loool :P

blossom: hahahaha...thanks I will talk to them soon ;)

Q8BL: LOL, I'll try :P

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