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Happy Cinco de Mayo

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Fiesta time after my final ;)

kafu walla :p

Aywaaaa! Happy Cinco de Mayo! ;)

La cocaratcha, La cocaratcha !!

Have Fun!:D

Mobi: LOL thanks :P

D&G: Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too babe ;)

Don: I pictured you with maracas in your hands and shaking your booty ;)

Christina: I did have a lot of fun...thanks hon ;)

Me and my friends went out to a Mexican restaurant in a ghetto area but man they have amazing food...I ate a lot of oysters...I don't think I will be able to eat oysters for at least a couple months (I couldn't say a year because I love sea food) my main dish was shrimp tamales (yummy) after we got done with dinner we went to a karaoke bar...all the songs they were playing were Spanish songs and everyone was singing...so when it was my turn to sing… me and my non Spanish speaking friends chose the tequila song...LOL…the only one word song…TEQUILA ….hahahahha...anyways I had a blast :)

Glad you had fun sweets :)

Ayya: Thanks babe :*

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We had some fireworks here, I saw it from a distance driving close to the river.
I love tamales, but chicken tamales not the ones with shrimp
bel3fyah :)

NYChick: thanks 7abebety...I like chicken tamales too but youmha I was craving sea food...a7eb lezfara ;)

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