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I'm pissed off!!

When I first started this blog I didn’t know where I’m going with it…before I know it became some sort of an online diary…in many ways I love sharing my life with others…heck if you meet me in person you would probably know my life story in an hour…I have always been very open about everything…I can’t hide things or pretend…I don’t remember the last time I lied about something and if I did I always get caught because I suck at it…
you see a little birdy told me that there are certain people who read my blog know who I am…maybe I left way too many clues about me…duh I even posted some pictures of myself…you see I really never thought about how big of a deal if people know me…but of course “no well-raised Kuwaiti girl” would say or share her life the way I did...a lot of gossip has started because of it and this person called me to tell me to stop blogging or maybe not talk about certain things in my life!
I also got to remember “ana bint meno” o 3aib alnass yet7achoon feeni! I respected their opinion because they only did it out of love and are worried about me…I don’t know if what I did is wrong or not? I mean I would never wanna hurt anyone in my family because of my actions…I love them to death…
I have to say I was a bit surprised that people are interested in finding out who I am…it kind of reminded me of something Crappy Nappy said when I first started this blog…he told me people will wanna know about who you are and they’ll be no anonymity and I guess I just began to understand what he was trying to say at that time.
I just wanna say to those readers and you know who you are that my life shouldn’t be the gossip between you and your friends. If it is I have to say you must be leading a very sorry and a sad life to talk about others!


Don’t worry sis. In the words of Sting: Just “be yourself, no matter what they say”.

I Have been barraged by hateful words – and I’m not sure why? Thats the way with somme people - they just lead a negative existence, that’s all.

Some bloggers know of my identity – and much of my personal life. Did the negative comments change my life? I gotta say its somewhat irritating, but hardly worth loosing any brain cells over it.

And, think of all those positive comments from your readers! Just consider how you’ve touched their lives

Ya hala jelly belly.. i've been reading your blog for a long time.. i've never thought of commenting on anything, why? i dont know.. hehe anyhooz..i just wanna tell you.. entay feta7tay galbech and ur life.. to kil el blogs readers.. so u can not blame anybody if they talk this is what people do! TALKIN AND TALKIN..u might even not realize this but you do talk about ppl..ya3ni i noticed in ur blogg you mentioned people in ur town and how bad they r o how bad they think about u! maybe thalamtay some of them,, but as i said this what people always do..maybe u were very 9ree7a about ur life.. and that doesnt make everything you did right.. o wala makes ppl who have double life 3la goltech right too.. you said ena you dont care about how people think.. and if you really really DOthink so!then why ru so mad?

Anti-reason: I will always be myself...but it hurts when you are yourself and you hear some hurtful things...
I personally have shared my identity with some of the bloggers and I had no problem doing that...and I loved every comment the good and the bad I had in the past...I really have no regrets on anything...but I don't wanna drag people I care for into the circle of gossip...that's all I got to say and again who ever thinks it's ok to talk about other people’s lives and spread lies about them have serious issues that they need to resolve in their own lives…
Thank you so much dear for your support…I wish there is more people like you who are not so judgmental in our society!

Evildewer: 7abebty thank you for reading my posts…bas this is what I have to say…I have been very open about my life and I never said I was leading a perfect life…I have a lot of flaws and I know that…and when you mentioned the people ilee ma3ay bel man6aga…I never mentioned any names and what I said about them was true in terms the way they treat me…evildewer I never judge someone that I don’t know or met but the people here do!
They judge me for the fact I smoke in public…they judge me for being too honest and speaking out…but I don’t really care because I know who I am and what I stand for…bas when I get a phone call from someone close to me to tell me that there are people who read my blog and then go talking about me and spreading rumors! Sorry that is just too much…when I opened my heart and my life to my fellow bloggers I was just being myself…I felt I made friends and in a weird way it was almost like a therapy talking about things in my life…I swear when my uncle and grandmother passed away and I had peoples support…I can’t tell you how deeply I was moved…or when I posted a picture of my pack of cigarettes and I had concerns bloggers asking me to quit smoking…I mean that all means a lot to me…bas inna wa7ed yetkalam 3ani we6al3on ish3at hatha ily 3omery mara7 artha feeh…

min sijiich .. ! they are MOTAKHALEFEN ! 3a6ehoom 6aaf ! beleive me they will never ever get satisfy EVER! E-V-E-R ! many ppl did wrong things ppl talks for a while then they get used to it( habba ). but u didn't do ANYTHING WRONG! they don't understand.
i guess you are mature enough to know what is right and what is wrong!

Some people have nothing better to do than think about other people's lives and how other people are living.

The thing is, those kinds of people are blind to their own faults - in their own eyes they can do no wrong.

I say if you keep this blog as an online journal, then you should expect this kind of impressions and consequences. There are alot of people out there reading/skimming; not all of them are good persons or take the time to see the meaning behind what you have written.

As long as you have the support of your blogger buddies, and are not harming anyone directly/indirectly, then rest assured you will b ok :)

I'm always shocked when people talk. I should be used to it by now, since it seems to be part of the Kuwaiti culture, but it still really hurts my feelings.

I'm sorry that your anonymity has been breached. A lot of the stuff you wrote, I wouldn't feel comfortable writing if my identity was known. You know what I mean? It's much easier to write some things when people don't know who you are.

My gut reaction is to say "just ignore them" but I know how hard it is to be a female Kuwaiti and to ignore malicious gossip. I truly am sad that this could happen to someone as sweet and good-hearted as you!

3ad et9adgeen i was thinking about the same thing yesterday ...
i started to think that if one of the ppl in school or one of my friends tried to know who i am because i am kind of the same...

but then i came to a conlusion that what the hell i am not doing anything bad or wrong...so jello bella :) ya 3assoola o mako a7la minich bil 6agag ily ye6ag\houm you are a star and if they want to gossip about u and you thoughts that is because ohma me7tareen minich and the see you the coolest person on earth that they wish they were..

keep exprecing your self and enjoy your time without those idioits..
we love you and i want to see you happy all the time ...3a6eehoum cheesecake it will shutt them down :)

Bilsha .. Sij

In a way u have to play their game.. in a way.. politically speaking

bas in general try to stay anonymous..and blog 3ala ra7tch

HAHA nice one Jelly.. *thumbs up*

ana i didn't realize when i put my own pic that i was giving myself away.. i planned on changing it but then i thought "i don't care" i have nothing to hide.. then came march 7 and now everyone know what my mom looks like too! lol..

intay ma 3aleich mi il nas oo sa7, those gossip about u are sad losers.. screw them.. but dont change ur blogging style just cuz of that.. we all love u just the way u are :D

JB,so sorry people have tried to hurt you.It isn't fun at all when this happens to you.Please don't give in and quit blogging.You know you aren't doing anything wrong,they are!In my experince,if they are talking about you,they are leaving some other poor soul alone,so try to remember that.;) The thing you should focus on is that your life must be so much more interesting than theirs are otherwise they'd be talking about themselves!May a bird carefully aim today and smack them right in the forehead!:D

Jelly Belly Babe,

Cheer up
I can tell what an honest, wonderful person you are.
You never offended anyone, and you have nothing to feel sorry for or ashamed of.

Listen to Anti-reason.. just be yourself
Don't let those words get to you.


Dear Jellybelly,
unfortunately this is the way it goes around here whether you blogged or not :/
kuwait is small and people judge. i agree to the anonymity thing. not that i like it cos it's suffocating me. but i gotta tell you that i always admired your openness here. you are being yourself. that is how you started and that's how you got your traffic.
anonymity thing is your choice if you can't stand people's talk.

Hello Jelly Belly ... I've read your post and i can tell how you feel about it ...don't even care about them but believe me if your in kuwait then you should forget about your way and do it their way ...
It is good to be open but you are in a motor-mouth society... you know ! I know it is unfair and unpleasant but unfortunately this is expected :-(

uve posted ur pic o tekalamtay 3an ur grannma allah yer7amha o ur state oo some of ur friends ya3ni akeed fe nas be3arfonich o enty mo hamech e3refoch wela la bas fi nas aghbeya ya7sebon enhom mektashfen shy ! methel ma galat Flam ITS UR CHOICE

Yes, it is your choice! you stated almost everything about your life.. what kind of rumors would they spread? they are just gonna repeat what you already said! and that could be good da3aya to your blog to be more popular, mithel your colleague monsieur Zaydoun, hathy internet, akeed kilman beshof your blog and Kuwait is very small.

Dear JB,
I like you
You're so sweet and kind and honest. I highly appreciate and respect honest people.
tawni mit3alma mathal egoool " ma e3ayyeb ella elma3yoob "

bas bagoolich shay, since I am an open book like you (in real life).
Someone once yelled at me : " WHY be an open book?? People don't have to know everything about you. WHy give them the pleasure of it. Look around you , Look how people hide even very simple things. "

That sure awakened me but I can't really change myself , and I don't think you can either.

I Hope u got my point?

Jelly Belly;
People would be talking about you even if you posted your real name and they realised what you spoke about was fiction.
Just remember that what ever they say, its more to do with them than you.
Be truthful to your self, this is your space, do what ever you feel like with it.

there are some disgusting people out there reading blogs and sharing notes with outsiders, and even breaching your confidence!! if u know these losers personally, cut off ur ties with them, ur life will be much healthier without such poison infecting ur beautiful nature :)

if u dont know them, then to hell with them.

tara intay ma sawaitay shay ghala6. the only difference is that ur being honest, while others are having a double life.

i made the decision to remain anonymous and not necessarily befriend bloggers b/c of similar concerns: maly khulg a7ad to talk about my family :) in the end, you don't only represent yourself in kuwaiti culture; your actions represent your family, your whole damn tribe, your upbringing etc

please dont be mad, ok? hal khama ma yistaahlown.

A funny thing about kuwaiti's is that everyone does Everything but no one admits Anything. And someone who is open, frank and admits Things, even if it's really Nothing .. Is Weeeeeh 6a3 haatha/i!!!! and so begins gossip. I say take a page out of AyyA's book and Fukitol ;)

salim dalba Jelly Beana m3asba wallah mo layig ;)

You will be fine, do not worry. You have my support in any battle you go through, so give me a shout and I will get rid of anyone you want me to, the usual way I have done with others in the past.

I started blogging not long ago, and I'm like you. I tend to give out a lot of clues. It's just my way of talking.

Speaking freely is what got me into blogging. So I don't want to think twice before I publish an article about how much of myself I'm revealing, or it's no longer free.

Therefore, it's just a matter of a "short" time till my cover is blown.

Pink: thank you dear for your support...Motakhalefeen is the right word ;)

Jewaira: I needed a couple of days to cool off and refelect...I realized I have done nothing wrong but be myself...so I'll keep doing what I'm doing :)

Sarah: thanks sweetie for your words...I will tell you this I will ignore them...because I don't feel I have done anything wrong...I love myself...what hurt me the most is I didn't want the gossip reaching the people I care for...but this is part of our society and I gotta learn how to deal with this sort thing sooner or later...you see sarah I have always been exposed to gossip but when I thought for some reason I finally found people in blogs who are not judgmental and understand individuality...but I guess I was wrong!

nooni: Rasta baby...mashkoora 3ala hal kalam al7elo...o ana so cool? I don’t think so…if you meet me in person you would realize how ordinary I am…bas lat7ateen 7abebty…ma ra7 akhalee ishwayat nass ma 3indhom salfa ye’athroon 3alay :)

mobi: I like your new nick name Mobi :P
I don’t think I will be playing any games…so I guess I’m not anonymous anymore…big deal I think I can handle it…bas thanks dear I don’t like to play dirty politics ;)

snookie: you know snookie one of the things that I admired about you is you had your picture and you had your drawings with your name on them…eb 9ara7a this takes a lot of courage and I respect that…and as you said screw them I won’t change a bit :)

Christina: I love what you said “may a bird carefully aim today and smack them right on the forehead” AMEN…LOL
Don’t worry I don’t think I will quit blogging because of some kids who thought it’s ok to talk about other people’s lives and create rumors :)

Shurouq: thanks dear…I will be myself…don’t worry I’m not pissed off anymore…everything is under control now :)

Flamingoliya: 7abebty thanks…as I said being anonymous to me was never a big deal but I should’ve known better…because people talk and they love to gossip bas I won’t accept few people feel they have got the best of me…I will be myself and I won’t let them win :)

blossom: motor-mouth society…wow…I know what I have experienced here is nothing but it always pisses me off that people won’t mind their own damn business…you know bas it’s all good…I was a bit upset but now I can handle it :)

mydream: ana ma 3indi mishkila alnass know who I am…bel 3akes when I posted some pictures and talked about my personal life I knew the possibility of people knowing who I am is big…bas what bothers me the most is the rumors and gossip…

evildewer: da3aya?! I never wanted to have my life or thoughts as da3ya! I was just sharing my feelings with others…and about Zaydoun…I respect him as a person…I share a lot of his frustration and when he writes what he writes about Kuwait…he only does it out of love…I don’t think anyone of us asked for being “popular” I don’t think of myself as popular!!

bora bora: ooh I have a very good friend of mine who always tell me “dari 3ala sham3etik te’eed” which basically means don’t be an open book…people don’t have to know everything about your life…that might be true and I know I might learn how to stop talking about certain things in my life…bas I don’t know if I ever could lead a double life like many people do…I can’t lie or pretend...it’s hard for people like us to have that sort of life-style…you know? Bas I will try to avoid talking about things rather than lie :)

shrink: I might need some therapy…hahahahaha…no seriously I know it has to do with them more than me…and I just pray to god that they realize what goes around comes around.

luminous: thanks dear for you support…you see I think I know a couple of them and it wouldn’t be any surprise to me they did what they did…
as I said being anonymous or not wasn’t such a big deal to me…it’s just my family that I am concerned with because I love them and I don’t want them to hear any malicious rumors about me..bas don’t worry hon…I will be myself and I will be ok :)

Peach: hahahahaha ya 7elwich ya Peach…ana mo ma3a9ba anymore…it9adgeen ma adree laish e7tariat ba3dain ga3dt agool eb galbi ana ish7aga me7tra…because whether I do anything or not people will always talk…so I just gotta learn how to play it cool and ignore the negative noise around me :)

Purgatory: I told you I need some of your powers...thanks dear I will call you when I need you ;)

Janadeef: welcome to my blog dear…o 3ala your blog…be yourself…this is exactly why I started this blog too…I wanted to express my true feelings about things…so if your cover is blown big deal! Will have a little club of former anonymous bloggers :P

oh yeah I know I have readers from my own state and a neighboring state...I just wanna give a shout-out to them...and say thanks for reading my blog...and thanks for the gossip...that's so typical ;)

Ladies and gentlemen...this blog is gonna stay true to itself :)

Ata gurl.. :))

Thats the spirit!

living my life , being my self thats all wat i need

and thats wat we all need : )

ya J B malch sh'3L fehum , u r 9a7 : )

Good for you :) I would really miss your blog if you quit (and you'd better not get lazy when you graduate and go back to Kuwait!)

JB, repeat after me, and let this be your daily mantra:


Om, hare krishna, peace and harmony, joy to the world, et cetera...et cetera...

;) la tikhafeen 7abooba :) Nasties everywhere...happens to the best of us.

hhmmmhhhh....bat man in gotham....hhhmm heheheh

Don: San Q ferry mash ;)

Ani-Reason: my spirt will be high since I have the support of blogger buddies like you :)

eva: thanks sweetie...I will :)

Sarah: hahahaha don't worry sweets...I think I will blog for a while...I find it very therapeutic to blog...so no worries I'll be around...and thanks for reading...by the way Sarah check your email :)

MsBaker: ok I will repeat after you

"ana kaify ana 7urra welee mo 3ajba ye6eg rassa bel 6oofa"
"ana kaify ana 7urra welee mo 3ajba ye6eg rasa bel 6oofa"

oh I feel much better already..LOL
thanks honey :*

Q8BL: hhahahahahhaha my cover is blown....yayich aldoor :P

honey people have already said all they can say about me so screw it;)

J Bo.. MsBaker saied tofa.. not 6oofa.. hahahahaha.. tofa waid a7lah, 7aleemah boland style :P

Q8BL: hahahahaha you inspire me :*

Don: LOL...ok ok.."Tofa" LOL
naah I'm more like a butch..."6ofa"
my dear MsBaker is more dalo3a o na3oma :)

How in the hell I missed this post?
Dear; don’t worry about gossipers and nosey people. They won’t leave you alone and are never satisfied, no matter what you do. Anyway, reviled or discrete identity, just be yourself and hell with all, we all know who is JB as a person and we love her. As you know I never concealed my identity, and that caused a lot of problems for me, I had a lot of nasty mails drilling me down when I first started, but thanks god all that stopped now. Nevertheless I’m expecting more curious noses to bud in my business, so I learned to just ignore. Blogging or not, sick people will always find a reason for gossip, it’s how they’re conditioned.

Don: ti7t min ainy! ur a 7aleema boland fan!!

Glowy glow.. hahaha you just said "ti7t" too.. I guess you too speak with 7aleema Boland style.. it's 6i7t, ti7t is like tofa.. :P

Ayya: 7abebty that's ok don't worry about it :)
I will be myself and I know I could never do it any other way...and about the emails..I can relate now but again you said it whether we blog or not people will always gossip. thanks for your support babe :*

Luminous: a lot of guys fall for 7aleema's dala3 ;)
I don't know if Don is one of them but he won't be the first :)

Don: a lot of people still use T instead of 6 :P

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