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Laid back Saturdays

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I know I have posted pictures of sunrise/sunsets before but I’m always fascinated with the beautiful colors in the sky…I took this picture this morning on my way to class…yes I have a Saturday class the lasts for half a day…the class starts at 7 am and it’s about an 45 minutes drive from where I live…so I always leave the house when it’s dark and I see sunrise while I’m driving to school…it’s a pretty amazing sight.
I realized this class have been messing up my social calendar big time…by the time I get done I’m too tired and I need to sleep (since I go to class pulling an all nighter) I get home around 3 or 4 pm and pass out…I just woke up to see I have 14 missed calls from my friends…I haven’t seen them in weeks! They wanna hang-out but honestly I’m still tired and not in the mood to go out!
This semester I have been more reserved and I like to stay home more than I have ever did…I enjoy watching cheesy movies on lifetime!!! YES LIFETIME the channel for the old ladies…I have even caught myself listening to soft rock music on the radio (the Delilah show)
Am I getting old or what? LOL
Ohhhhhhh the Dave Chappelle’s show is on…he just cracks me up I love he’s impersonation of Lil John (WHATTTT….OKKAAAAYYYYYYYY) LOL
Ok I know I’m not making any sense with this post…let me go watch the show and I catch you all later ;)

my fav. chappelle impersonation has to be of rick james..

u have to catch george lopez too .. i don't know why but he reminds me of kuwaitis..

Geo: LOL I did watch
Lopez it was on right after Chappelle...hahaahhaaha..and you are so right about his comedy it does reminds me of Kuwaitis too....hahahahaha I guess it's true Arabs and Mexicans have a lot in common ;)

ooh and I forgot to say I love him as Rick James...LOOOOOL

Wish you the best JB, yalla ma buga shai, shidi 7ailich, you can always celebrate later

yeah laid back :)

Laid back and kickin that adiction.. Wooot Wooot ;D hahaha Way to go girl, you take as much time off chillin at home as you want .. the world ain't goin no where! it'll still be there when you're good, rested & UNadicted ;D hehehee Good Luck dear & enjoy those showes ;)

LIFETIME IS FOR OLD LADIES?? No one ever told me that?:o LOL It happens to the best of us!;)

Chappelle does so many good impressions I'm not sure I have a favorite?

you're gonna love this

Great pic Jelly, really


Jelly Belly

Chappelle is the BEST

Favourite skit:

Black Bush
About the coalition:
"Japan sent some playstations"

Oo The Niggers Family

So smart..

Ayya: exactly honey I have been doing that in the past and my friends can wait..I know they are so pissed but at the moment I'm not feeling so social...all I could think of right now is for this semester to end and inshallah get done with summer and (inshallah inshallah I will be home free)

Purgy: ;)

Peach: thanks hon...hahahaha I have been more of a couch potato lately so I'm not sure if that's totally a good thing...but I will try to enjoy it bas not too much ;)

Christina: LOL...you made me laugh...sorry dear I didn't mean it in that way...I don't know but I always associated lifetime to older women...hahahahahaa...and the fact I have been listening to soft rock music is kind of scaring me too...hahahahahaha...but hey I enjoy lifetime now...I didn't know they have golden girls on...I love golden girls ;)

Geo: thanks for the link...that was fun :D

AL: I'm glad you liked the picture...I take picture of random stuff...some of my friends think I'm crazy! LOL

Mobi: hahahahaha...I love him as Bush or anytime he acts white...way too funny...I also enjoy he's stand-up comedy...very smart indeed :)

ًWow another long saturday story.

You just made me realize that I, too, have been enjoying staying at home lately! It's been a while since I've done something for real fun.

Mobi got me into Chappelle. My favorite sketches are black bush and the Niggars family too. Also i liked the trials of Michael Jackson and Robert Blake.


Just wanted to let you know that I got your message. I will email you soon. I have been swamped at work and school and have been avoiding checking personal email/reading blogs, so that I can (maybe) get work done on time!

Take care :)

I won't call ya creazy by any mean! continue the great pieces!


You will honey, you will, I’m 100% sure

It should be a good thing if you were still doing what I think your not doing ;p

am I putting you in a corner there? Good. No Nico, mo zain!

You're lucky to see the sunrise. But pulling an all nighter?! Whooo akeed you will be knackered by the end of the day.
Oh, to be a student again..... :)

Jandeef: I guess I'm not the only one who need to get a life :P

Sarah: hey honey...I'm glad you got the email...and take your time sweetie..don't worry about it :)

AL: hahahaha ok I will post crazy pictures from time to time and thanks dear :)

Ayya: Allah yesma3 minich 7abebety...I'm kind of worried about a couple of classes this summer but inshallah khair :)

Peach: I have no idea what you are talking about...LOL ;)

Jewaira: you want my student life? I'm kind of sick of it...hahahahaa...but I know I will miss it someday ;)

You mentioned on my blog that u ran out of smokes & stoped for a couple of days .. THAT is what I'm talking about. ;) hope your still doing just that!

Peach: I'm sorry to report that I couldn't hold up! :(

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