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Stir It Up...Little Darling ;)

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this is a special dedication to a special someone ;)
and to everyone who enjoys Bob Marley's music.

oh yeah click on the title for the link.

OH OH OH OH OH ITS ziggys father
OH the love of my life

the greatest song ever
la 7awlellah

bob thank you for making jelly talks about you and giving me you little motakhalif ziggy

Now I feel old, she said Ziggy's father, LOOOL. I love Bob and nooni is right, "Stir it Up" is one of the best, so is "Waiting in Vain". Incidentally, I saw Ziggy Marley in concert when I was at college, before he became famous :)

Oh, and the AWESOME "Satisfy my Soul" is incomparable!

i love jelly beans.

Happy 4/20 babe ;*

P.S. My fave Bob tune is Misty Morning:)

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hppy 4/20 suga


and u even wrote it at 4:20 am! or did u just pick the time.. huh ? huh? huh?

<-- a little too hyper for her own good.. will go lay in bed till it goes away :P

Rasta baby a.k.a nooni I knew you would like this post and maybe next time I will post something on ziggy ;)

MsBaker: hahahahaha don't say your old...we all enjoy Bob's music and I think nooni said Ziggy's father because her pet is called Ziggy fa ma aloomha ;)
great choice of favorites I must say...my old time favorite I have to say is could you be loved :)

edjamacated guy: welcome to my blog first of all...and I enjoy Jelly Belly (Jelly Beans) ;)

Q8BL: hahahahaa happy 420 babe...I guess you didn't remember the song and the special dedication...I'm gonna give you a hint...(swimming pool) :P

Kuwaiti Femme: hey girly it has been a while...you made me laugh...I posted exactly on 4:20 A.M ;)
happy 420 ;)

I didn't forget;) hehe that was a classic morning

Q8BL: hahahahha I'm glad you didn't forget ;)

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