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I think this is one of the most exciting NBA games I ever seen...Suns were down by 16 points until the 3rd quarter...then Mr.4th quarter (Jim Jackson) brings it back to close game...and of course Steve Nash (Mr.MVP) brings it to over time (sounds familiar? 12 years ago Charles Barkely) and win 130 to 126!
Steve Nash and Shawn Marion were amazing...
what a game!!
I think 9otee raa7 min le9rakh...LOL
Ok I'm out to celebrate...

Spurs bring it on...let's mess with Texas ;)

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DAMN I missed it !!


BAs after Reggie Left :~(, the NBA is not worth watching..

Mabrook ..

Don't mess with Texas :P

congrats jelly .. 7asafat pacers bas although they didn't play that well .. i still have hope next season with artest back..

good luck suns

Indeed a great game. Now did you see the difference between Nash and Nowitzki in terms of leadership? Did you see how Dirk went nuts at the end of regulation yelling and screaming. Screaming at whome? Jason Terry, who's without his 36 points, this game may have been over even before the 4th quarter.

Dirk bores me to death and day by day proves to me he's not any where near the elite. He's a good shooter. That's pretty much it.

Hardluck! Ha ha..

A team with Ginobli never loses!

byebye suns

my comments are very late in this post...the suns are down 2 games...but I'm not giving up yet


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