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lama agoolkom wain ma a6egha 3oya...

Latest updates on my AC/electricity situaition:
The AC and the stove didn't work right? Well guess what? The entire electricity got cut off last night AGAIN...I called maintenance AGAIN because I was furious with them last night they showed up 3 hours late to tell me AGAIN it's the power company’s fault!!
I called the power company and it was just a huge mess...first they tell me they disconnected my power because I didn't pay...which I did and I even drove all the fucking way to 24 hours paying center to show them the confirmation number...so apparently they only returned half of the electricity back on...something with 120 volts so you can't use the bigger appliances like the AC or stove...and they had some errors in their stupid computers where they cut off the electricity AGAIN...so I called them up and they told me they won't be able to do anything until noon today...
with all this drama I decided to stay at a friends place...but I can't sleep since I'm not sleeping in my beloved couch and I miss my apartment :(
I feel like a homeless right now....7ala kaseefa :(((

poor JB, come stay with me next time :)

i'm so sorry to hear that .. whenever something like that happens .. you should threaten them with a lawsuit and DEMAND you be given a compensation too.. good luck :>

How Ironic

selling kittens and homeless at the same time

shiddi 7ailich

Do u have any talents u can use..
Go to ur city's downtown and perform..I gaurantee u, you will eat.

Good luck

I feel for you, babe
(And a certain scene from Darb Ezzalag pops in my head)

But hey, look on the bright side.. Remember how growing up we would've killed to spend the night at a friend's house?

You'll be back to your beloved couch in no time..
Till then, enjoy your friends' company

And stay cool :)

hahaha! at you! give the couch a break already! hope u get ur AC back soon

God bless the utilities - you can't go with someone else because they have somewhat of a monopoly over your entire life. I personally like to power my apartment with a hamster running in a wheel.

I have an extra room for ya if you'd like.

Oh,Man!Seeing that the weather reports are saying that CA should hit 100F sometime this week not having A/C must really be awful!If it was their fault they shouldn't be able to charge you a reconnection fee!You might check with your state utilitly commison and see what they have to say about it.

Personally,once we are out of the city I want my own windmill for electric.:D

Purgy: thank you dear...that's so sweet...but inshallah they'll be no next time ;)

Geo: I did threaten them and they offered to give me next month bill for free...so my apartment feels more like a freezer right now...LOL

Mobi: when you said if I have any talents...you know what crossed my mind? a very perverted thought...I mean come on Mobi talents and downtown? LOL :P
I know you meant if I could act like a mime or play the guitar or something bas shasawee ra7 baly eb3eeed :P

Shurouq: which scene of darb alzalaq? I'm curious?
and believe it or not I never liked the idea of sleep overs...I always rather sleep in my own bed/couch...I don't mind spending the entire day with friends bas 7azat alnooma I rather go home.

Q8BL: LOL you reminded me of the times we used to fight over the couch :P

Owen: a hamster running a wheel?! LOL..does the hamster take any break? :P

Jandeef: cool will be roomies ;)

Christina: Oh I'm getting next month free...after all the drama they caused me...so I'm happy...everything is back to normal.
and windmills....you gotta live in a windy city no?

I'm home sweet home...man I missed my couch ;)

:| Laboo hal AC, sej@!@ ba3ad 3omry:/ ta3alay makoo abrad men my room, wala akbar men my bed wala mathalat hal AC :| <<-- 3asebat 3al AC :S
Me sorry to hear that dear :/


Oh shit!

sorry :S

Shsawi ana u66a mghamada

Guitar is good.. good luck :p

JellyBaby *hugs* You don't have to leave your apartment. Just customize it a little more. For example use candles and a handheld fan :P I'm sorry you had to go through all that. Agoolich shay? Mid-june I sleep at night covered up with two heavy blankets with the windows open. I hate the cold ;) Anywhoo sweets, I truly hope things have worked out by now and that they've fixed everything up for you. Take care of you, laters!

Glad to hear you are back hom!And good news about the free month.

About the windmill,no you don't need to live in a windy city though that would make it generate more electricity.Where we are planning to build our house is at the top of a very high hill.Enough wind up there for one.:D

Sorry sweets you had to go through this and I’m glad that you are back and cozy at home. Nothing is like home sweet home. But at least you did not have to go through that while you were having your exams. Best of luck 7abeebti.

Goldeneyeh: hahahahaha 7abebty mashkoora...khal9 inshallah when I come back home will have a bloggers sleepover at your place ;)

Mobi: u66a em`3mada aha SURE...LOL...yeah I have to start practicing playing the guitar in case of emergency ;P

D&G: blankets eb 3ez al 9aif? Are you kidding me?!! LOL
oh man I would die...I like to sleep in a very cold room...hahhahahaa...and thanks sweetie al7emdallah everything is fixed and back to normal ;)

Christina: Have you ever seen the windmills in Palm Springs? I don't know for some reason they scare me...hahhaahahah...they remind me of some alien attack or something...I don't know why!

Ayya: thanks 7abebety...yeah al7emdallah it happened right after my finals...so I guess I'm lucky sort of :)

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