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I hate you I hate you I hate you Micheal Finley Posted by Hello

ha ha ha

Hard luck

But atleast my team one today :p

Mobi: are you rooting for the Mavericks or the Pacers? :P

I like him, he is an excellent player, goooooooooo DALLAS :P

Sweaty? AC still off???
Ba3ad chabdi Jelly Belly :*

I'll tell you when we beat Miami :p

I'm gonna disagree with you on this one. Fin is the only one I can stand from the mavs. He's their only non-softie.

The rest just bore me to death.

Purgy: he is an excellent player...that's why I hate him :P
o GO DALLAS haa? min meta 9ert Dallas fan?! haa? are you just doing it 3ashan terfa3 tha`36ee? :P

Shurouq: ana 7athee ma adree ishloon gayel...yesterday the power company gave me a window from 1-5 pm for them to come...almohim I was waiting for them all day...I had to go to the leasing office for 5 minutes and guess what? they came in this 5 minutes...I got so pissed...almohim they came in today and they told me it's not a power problem so maintenance have to fix it...o ana yoyoing between them...I started yelling I don't care who problem it is get it fixed...the leasing office contacts me to tell me they are sorry bas they'll get the parts tomorrow!!!
so they offered me a free carpet cleaning and a new shower head I guess to make me shut-up!
again 7ala kaseefa.

Mobi: ooh so you are cheering for the Phoenix Suns :P

Jandeef: I agree...did you see him in the 3rd and 4th quarter? kil ma Suns they score he comes back with a 3 point shots...man theba7ana ams...that's why I hate him :(

hmmmmm, I don't know him, bas don't you think his armpit "em7awe7" :S sorry to bring that up, bas I guess men your AC :Pp~~ allah y3eenech dear e7na AC Oo mo mla7qeen 3ala our weather:S


JB, well am a Knick fan, bes since they are not in and you mention Dallas, have to support dallas teams, goooooo cowboys :P

Goldeneyeh: LOL awal mara asm3 kilmat em7awe7...that was funny ;)

Purgy: Cowboys = Football your cheering for the wrong team :P

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