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My Dream House

I just love this little house...it's on my way to school and every time I pass by it...I wish one day I'll own a house like it in Kuwait or maybe here...I'm not a big fan of big houses...I have always loved small houses with big back yards...so inshallah one day I will own a house that looks just like that or maybe even better ;)

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Sweet! Do they make houses that look like that in Kuwait? I rarely find homey-looking houses like that in Saudi.

Btw, I like your blog, GIRLFRIEND! =)


Sarooooh 7abebty :***

welcome to my blog babe....I like yours even more...mine is just a bunch of nonsense really ;)

and about the house...lel asaf you don't find homey lookin houses like that in Kuwait...they like to build mansions...and the newer houses they even forget to have a nice garden...I could never live in a house that doesn't have a garden or a back yard.

Thanks! Your blog is adorable, and it's not nonsense, it's interesting! =)

About the house, I totally agree! I could never live in a house without a garden.. to me that's the most important part, especially back home where nature is just a big desert.

very beautiful =)
I could live in a beach house :}

Nice house, you could build a house of your dream if you don’t have relatives and in-laws getting in every little detail of your life. Like you I never liked the bulky houses that are made to impress others, I always wanted to have a home, not a house. When I built my house; I had to go through hell to keep the original design which was 100% mine, I even did the blue prints and the “as built drawings” using CADD, but the outcome shifted 50% of what I had originally designed. They would not leave me alone (sigh) and the engineer who did the official paperwork sold my design to others and soon I noticed identical copies of my house being built in the neighborhood. Hathi likwait 7abeebti.

JB... I wish you the home of your dreams... because you of all people deserve it... i luv that ur simple like myself... but one condition... if u get a house like that i want a room in it heheh :) luv u babe ciao for now

p.s. remember my old house.... it had a huge garden for q8y standards.... i luved that house so much.... it really had that cozy feel:)

Make sure you have a room for me there.

I hate the boxy bulky showy houses of Kuwait. My dream house would be mediterranean, full of terra cotta and mexican tile, French doors and windows everywhere, with a garden full of herbs, flowers and tomatoes...a swing...a small pool..cozy, warm, lived in, unshowy. :)

I promise I will reply soon...I'm off to celebrate Suns win against Mavericks ;)

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