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7ala kaseefa!

I have been paying all my bills online...for some reason my electric bill never went through...although I had the confirmation number!!
I came back from a long day to total darkness in my apartment! They’ve cut off my electricity! I was pissed off...I had to drive to a 24 hour paying center to show them my confirmation number...even though it was their mistake I still had to pay them fees to turn my electricity back on!!
almohim I get back home and the lights were on...I was happy...but I noticed that I can't turn the lights on in my bedroom...I can't turn on my stove and I can't turn on my AC!!!!!!! gelt akeed efyooz...I checked the fuse box and everything was on!
ya rabi shal 7ala no AC :(
I don't know how I'm gonna sleep without the AC on :(((

*blows cold air*

Boy that really sucks!

A few weeks ago our AC stopped working (on the first hot day of the spring--high of 80 degrees). Of course it was also Sunday, so we couldn't call the apartment maintenance guys. The next day they came, and it turned out there is a switch outside the apartment, and some kids had turned it off while they were playing!

Anyway, I hope everything gets fixed in your apartment. It sucks not having AC.

i didn't know it's that hot there. allah e3eenich!

hahahahahaha.. *the don points his finger at her and laughs*

yallah.. intay mo etgooleen e7ebeen el 7ur, and love the beach ?? imagine you're on the beach..

I told you I hate it.. you were like.. no I love summer and the hot weather.. yallah eklay.. :P

Or better go to the biker's place for A/C :PP

Purgy: ooh I felt the breeze ;)
Send your penguins to get me some glaciers or something to cool me off ;)

Sarah: why does that always happen on a hot summer day?
I couldn't sleep well yesterday...I had to keep taking showers to cool off :(

Flamingoliya: oh honey it gets really hot sometimes during the summer...o ana me7araar min allah so imagine!

Don: aya shagooool tet6anaz...inzain ana awareek...
I sill love summer if my AC is working...I don't mind the heat if I spend short time in the sun :P
and I might just go swimming in the pool to cool off :PPP

I called the maintenance guys and they checked it out and they said I should call the power company...and they gave me a window from 1-5 pm to come and fix the outage...I hate it when they do that...they expect you to just wait around for them :(

damn.. that sucks ass.. hey a bunka should get u thru the night.. yalla alla i3eenich

Snookie: hala 7abebty ishloonich? I hope you did well with your finals...and it seems like I have to live with the banka again today..

imagine they gave me a window from 1 to 5 I went to the leasing office for 5 minutes and I missed the stupid maintenance guy from the power company!!! shal 7ath ya rabeee :(

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tayha: welcome to my blog...and yeah I did that many times before...but I'm telling since I pay everything online it made my life 10 times easier...bas wala 7asa feech 3ala how much you paid...ana dayman i pay a lot because I like to leave my AC on all the time...I have to walk into a cold appartment...LOL

What I think is the best and easiest to go with is paying the bills this way:

- Utility Bills ( Electric, Water, Gas.. etc) : By checks
- Cable bill: By phone
- Cell phone bill: online

this made my life so easy since I've realized this.

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