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Hey bloggers,

How are you? Is everyone doing well?

I miss you guys....tell me what's going on with you and you and you?

me...I'm doing OK...I thought I was going home in December but due to unfortunate events things got delayed...hey don't worry I'm kind of happy for the delay but not too sure that my parents are LOL

I know everyone is busy with the up coming elections....do you guys have any favorites? I wanna make it home before the elections....but not sure if I can...is it on May 17th?

any how...just wanted to say hello and check on you guys please don't be strangers and leave me comments....walahat 3aleekum


Jelly Belly :*

يعتمد وين تصوتين؟

superman: ha laish mo kil al dawa'er eb nafs alyoum? :P

since we're talking about Dawa'er could someone tell me Bayan ay Da'era?

Hi Jelly Belly

You will find lots of info here about the elections and regarding what district you are in


Hi Jelliya sweetie :* hope you are well and happy, and come home safe and sound from your US of A adventures. Know that maybe it is a blessing yo are there now away from the near chaos and insanity we have here back home in many ways Your sweet self is missed just as much too.

Jewaira: hiiiiiii I really missed you hun...I always smile when I see your comment on my blog and it has been a while!
thank you for the election blog and info....other than the election stuff how are you 7abebty?

ms.baker: 7ayateee ms baker wala I missed you too....you think it's a blessing to be away ha? hahahahah...I wanted to be a part of the election but if you say its chaos I BELIEVE you...hahahahhaa...I don't think I could make it on time but I try to know and keep in touch on what's going on through blogs...there are so many new blogs its kind of hard to catch up! which makes me kind of miss the smaller blogging community we used to have...oh well nothing lasts forever!

almohim intay ishlonich hun...its been a while?

Hey you,

miss u jelly :**

wallah 3ad mi7tajeen 9outich
come back safe babe ;)

Alia: 7ayatee wala I miss you too...wala chan zain I can make it for the elections but if I don't al khair o elbarka feekum walla :***

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