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A Fat Rant

I found out about this video from a friend and I fell in love with it.
Joy Nash tells it like it is and just like her I went through a lot of things she mentioned in her video.
Watch the video...have an open mind...appreciate a REAL WOMAN :)

My favorite line is "I'm Fat and it's OK...it doesn't mean I'm stupid or ugly or lazy or selfish...I'm Fat."

she's not fat!!!

Blasha: according to the video she's size 18 and that is a "plus size" bas I think she looks good :)
but what I loved the most about the clip is I could relate to almost everything she said :)

Loved it!
Shes so right on more than one level.
The more u obssess about something the more it sticks to u!

DR: ahlan ahlan...its been a while dear :)
Exactly that's why I loved the video so much I need more of that positive attitude in my life ;)

They freaking blocked YouTube at work >(

Don: ishloon ga3ed teshte`3el bedoon MSN o YouTube? LOOOL ;PP

my sympathy 7g kel elfatty beauties
having extra pounds mmken yekoon good thing...
3la golt`hom cushion for pushing ! chenh qala6 elspelling !?
eli eho !!

She has the attitude everyone should have. Don't ever miss out on your life because you think there is something about you not perfect.She looks good because she is wearing clothes that fit her rather than squeezing into a too small size which will make you look bigger.

3teej: hahahaha that sounded very perverted! ;P

Christina: exactly I loved her attitude and how confident she was...I need to learn few lessons from her ;)

3ad.. shes SOOO pretty..

shes not fat .. lol I probably weigh less but look worse.. confidence is the secret lol

anyway.. she should stop focusing on sizes : WOMENS SIZES AREN'T ON ANY SCALES. men uses inches and cms.. women? wtf is a 0? lol no one knows.

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