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عظم الله آجر الكويت بدكتور آحمد الربعي

My father just called me and told me the sad news, I couldn't fight back the tears from my eyes for losing a great person like Dr. A7mad Al-Robe3i...shahadi feeh majroo7a mahama gelt o teklamat bas kil ilee bagoola inna 3omery mara7 ansa mawgefa weyay lama obey kan mareeth...his words still echos in my head and for that I will be forever grateful...
My deepest condolences to Tariq, Qutiba and to the rest of his family and to all Kuwaitis who loved and respected him. Rest in Peace.

الله يرحمه

وعظم الله أجرك حبيبتي

ajerna o ajerich Shurouq o 3atham allah ajer kil al Kuwait feeh...allah yer7oma

allah yr7ama ebra7mita ya rab

alla yr7ima inshalla wi'3amid rou7a iljana

الله يرحمه
كان دافع قوي لي بالمدرسه بعد وفاه المرحوم والدي

من افضل المتحدثين على الاطلاق

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