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رمضان جانا

والله ولهت عليكم

Jelly Belly :*

كل عام و انتي بخير

لونج تايم نو سي

وإنت و سلمى و آم سلمى بصحه و سلامه

I know I kind of disappeared from blogging but I think I'm back again..I miss it :)

Welcome back hon :)

Ramadan kareem to you and yours!!! :)


okh! JB is back :D mikaanich fathy.. we missed you girl!

3alaina o 3alaich. Somehow the prospect of *another* Ramadan away from home is .. blech.

ANYway. what UP?!

Maya: Thanks 7abebty...Ramadan Kareem to you too :*

Perseus: Hala o ghala...walla I missed you too sweetie :)

Embarak 3aleek al Shahar o 3asak min 3owada inshallah...I know nafs al7ala another Ramadan away from home!
My first day of Ramadan bastafte7a eb test hahahahah...yalla allah kareem.

Akhbaree wala I guess I don't wanna go back! LOL as you can see I'm still in the States! Long story hahahahaha

bas inshallah I will write a post about my summer adventures! Stay tuned ;P

Allah!.. :* Welcome back!
You just made our ramadan babe :**

hey heywhats up I missed u

علينا وعليج

i miss u toooo..

Kil 3am wentay bkhair ya 7elwa :*

mbarak 3alaich eshahar Jelly Belly

مبارك عليج الشهر

و احنا بعد ولهنا عليج

ترا عادينهم 3 شهور

Shurouq: Sun-shineeeee my sweetest sun-shine wala you made my Ramadan with your new series...I'm loving it ;*
I missed you so much 7ayatee..hope everything is going well with you :*

mosan: hala o ghala...I missed you more my dear :*

bo9ali7: mashkoor ya e3yoni :)

Swair: Wala 7ata ana I missed you hun...wentay eb 9a7a o salama ya 3aroosa :*

Jewaira: Jewairaaaaaaa 7ayatee I missed you soooo much...3aleena o 3aleech o inshallah et3odena eb 9a7a o salama :*

Lawyer: 3aleena o 3aleech 7abebty...walla adree kint emga9ra eb my blog bas ma adree I needed some time out I guess bas walla wayed walaht 3aleekum kilkum 7abebty :*

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