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Focus on me please!

OK I know many of you are guilty of this but I have to let it out and say it....if you are in the company of friends please put down your cell phone and stop text messaging!!!

Today I went out to dinner with a friend whom I haven't seen for a while and I didn't have the quality time I was hopping for because she couldn't put her phone down!
I had to leave the table and go out for a smoke and I told her when she's done text messaging she knows where to find me!

Why is it so hard for so many people these days to put down their cell phone and enjoy someone's company?
the only time I'm guilty of doing this is when I get a message from my mom because I know if I don't reply she's gonna get worried.

So please enjoy your friends company not your damn cell phone! :P

I see you are smoking again :P

happened to me alot!! ur alone with someone and all they can do is send sms's. I can understand if you were with like 4 friends baas 1 on 1 wai3, its annoying

it happened to me in the cinema! we were watching a movie than a friend casually texts her way throught it all..

bothered the crap out of me, the sound and the lights from the mobile.. ikh!

i HATE that too.. and its always girls.. 100% of the time.. so rude..

p.s. love the pic :D

That’s truly annoying and kind of "disrespectful". It get to the point where the other person gets interrupted by sms, they say, 'oups sorry, need to reply to that', and that will go on for ever, until they actually stop saying sorry and start typing again.... Some who give up on these things and people, start doing the same, heh.

I tend to do this to people as a hint that I want them to leave and that I dont feel like talking to them.

... says my guru.

Jelly Beley, how have you been? :***
Purg, good question!!
Snookie, believe me guys do it too.

I'd do that with you, cos you are so boring

tell me about it

I'm still waiting for a witty reply!! lol

الي يحررررررررر في الموضوع

ان اهي الي تلبح على الطلعه و تحن عليها

تطلعين وياها
عينها على الموبايل
مو وياج

مو منتبهه

بس ادزز في هالمسجات

اقولها فلااااانه


قاعده احاجيج

ترد علي
وياج وياج

كملي كملي

وين ويااااااي !!
و لا تدرين عن هوا دار امن يابتني

ليش ما صار في احترام


الي وايد تموت على المسجات تجابل مسجاتها في البيت و لا تطلع ويا الناس

الي حبيبها حمدلله و الشكر ما يتسلط يحبها
الا لما تذلف ويا رفيجاتها
و يلبح وينج وينج

لا تبلش رفيجاتها فيها

ختقعد تجابله
ابرك واااااايد

Purgy: lel asaf yes..and I went to 2 packs a day :(

Shoosha: wala 7ata lo when with you're with a big group sa3at yedezon 7ag b3th msgs wenty ga3da chenhum ye7shoon!!! itsssss annoying...I wanna band cell phones when ur in the company of friends!

Baroque: ooh 3ad ana e6fartee at the movie theatre hal 7araka...I actually tell people to turn off their cell phones...because ur there to enjoy the movie to the beaming lights around u!

Snookie: hahahaha ta3madat I use that picture! and I know that friend reads my blog...fa the whole post is messages to her! LOL

Patrick: hahahaha yes that's exactly what happened she kept apologizing every time she sent a txt msg as if it's gonna make me feel any better!

Closet-Dive: hahahaha does it work?

Shurouq: 7abebty wala ana walhat 3aleech :***
I've been busy with my classes o ga3da a7atee alrada soon!'and yes I'm sorry I went back to smoking :(

Judy: shaklich you've been going through the same problem! LOL

Don: I'm sorry did u say something? ;P

Lawyer: walla innich 9ajja!!
hatha bel thaba6 almawgef ilee 9aar weyay...she's the one who called me and asked me to see her!! 9ij yeb6oon alchabd

oh man.. at least it was just texting.. lol .. i have mate who will have f**ing conversations while I'm out with them.. it's beyond rude...

We need cellphone etiquette classes.. lol

Amen! lol

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