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Happy Holidays

First of all Happy Eid to all...I know I'm late as usual but I have been busy packing my stuff and going to good-bye parties...yes I'm still in the States and some of my friends and my family think I'm not ready to leave...even my friends here who gave me those good-bye parties were saying they might do another one since they don't think I'm leaving any time soon...LOL

I think I will be sticking around for a little longer to attend a friends wedding at New Years Eve...yes that's where I'm going to spend my New Years at...

Any ways I wanna wish everyone Happy Holidays...As usual every year since I started this blog I have been posting pictures of Xmas tree of one of my favorite places in Arizona...so here are some pictures of this year tree and previous years :)

2007 Xmas tree...the theme is fire-fighters and fire tracks.

Xmas tree... the theme was plasma balls.

2004 Xmas tree...the theme was colorful barbicide jars with broken barbies and toys in them.

Oh one more thing I should be celebrating is My blog's birthday but I forgot about it of course! :| My blog is 4 years old...YAY!

shot gun!!!!
merry xmas and happy new year to you too wish you all the best ;*

well its ok entay eb taw8et GMT ;p
as for the new years Eve... Don't do anything I won't do ;)


Happy Holidays to dear JellyBelly :-)

OK this time I will try to reply awal eb awal ;P

Orangina: Thank you 7abebty for the wishes...I'll try to behave ;P

Jewaira: can I say something in the spirit of the holidays? you were always the first to comment on any of my posts and always with sweet comments that warm my heart...love you Jewaira and Happy Holidays :*

Happy Holidays, JB! Happy Blogiversary too. Hopefully leaving and going back home won't be too hard for you. Sometimes it is hard to be on your own and then have to move back to your parents home, just try to smile real big, bite your tongue, and remember that they really do love you. ;)

i love the funky trees!

enjoy ur time to the fullest!

Christina: Merry Xmas and happy holidays hun... I swear I haven't left the States yet and I already know what to expect and I'm not ready for it at all :(
and I will remember your advice when it comes to my parents... thanks hun :*

eshda3wa: I know aren't they funky... every year I anticipate Xmas time to go to that place to check out their tree and thanks hun I will do my best to enjoy every moment I have left here :)

happy new machboos

Happy new year's sweets ;*

Judy: Happy machboos o turkey o em6abag to you too LOL ;)

Shopa: Happy new year to you too hun :*

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