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آنا الخليجي

Disclaimer for all the Kuwaiti men who will read this post...please don't hate me...I'm just saying what's on the mind of some Kuwaiti women :P

Two of my friends lately married non-Kuwaiti men...they married from the neighboring GCC countries...one of the girls been dating the guy for a while before they got married and I once asked her do u miss Kuwaiti men? I know my question was very stupid but hey I had to ask...her answer was no...all the Kuwaiti men that she have dated treated her like shit and cheated on her!! She told me I haven't been back to Kuwait for a while and things have really changed.
According to her Kuwaiti men are the worse now when it comes to cheating...maybe she's right...I have been away for so long and my past relationships has always ended because they were never faithful and since I will be moving back very soon and settling in a GCC country for a little while her advice was to look for a man there and give up on Kuwaiti men! LOL
so the question is do u ladies still have hope that there are good Kuwaiti men left out there?
guys please explain yourselves :P

ما الك الا عمو برجي

برجي يكسب


Honestly, I heard that GCC story more than once.. I still have hope for our kuwaiti men, bs who knows? I might give it up in the near future :P

Let's hope they prove themselves ;)

/me crosses fingers

there are some left but you really have to look hard.

they are all the same.

I'm biased because I am with an amazing Kuwaiti guy.. but then again,... I'm not the average Kuwaiti girl.. therefore my man isn't the average male.. but.. then again.. I've only ever been with Kuwaiti "characters"... who wants mainstream anyway ?

If we are discussing nationality and no further.. I'd have to argue that it was a bit to stereotypical.. you can't summarize a population after one womans experience.. I recommend finding the Kuwaiti odd balls.. they are the most genuine.. and I think the most intellectually stimulating. :) what more could a woman want? lol..

and as for the "cheating" curve.. I think.. seeing as its a small population.. Kuwaiti woman can influence the Kuwaiti male mentality.. if only we learned how to collectively hold our grounds..

lol .. but.. bottom line.. my baby's amazing.. and.. my ex's are great guys as well.. so .. I disagree with your friend.

when i was with suadi guy 7asiat sej enny marra

ماراح اتكلم عن التريت و المعامله و الانسانيه الي فيه ان يقدرج صج انج مرا
و يحب كل شي فيج
ويحب عيوبج

و لا راح اتكم عن اشلون فعلا يخلص
لانه يلتزم فيج و يحس بالمسؤليه وياج

الخليجين عموما
طموحهم وحلم حياتهم الكويتيه

ونس انج ويا خليجي يحس انه ملك الدنيا

فيشيلج فوق راسه
و يحاول يسوي الي تبينه عشان يرضيج

لانه يحس تعبان فيج

و يحس اشكثر اهو وايد كلاس و شي لما اهو وياج
و خصوصا اذا كان اوبن مايندد

ما يبي وحده من ديرته اوبن لانه بظن انها صايعه

لكن انتي كويتيتهانتي ترببيتج جذي فري
انتي عادي عندكم

فيحب هذا الشي

باختصار تحسين انج مراااا صج كل واحد ماخذ دوره فعلا

الريال ريال
و المرا مرا

لكن الي خلاني ارفض هذ ا الارتباط كزواج

يمكن بتقولين عني سخيفه
بس انا واقعيه

ما حبيت عيالي يكونون خليجين
خفت عليهم
باجر يصير شي لا سمح الله

و دايما كنت اعاييره اقوله يعني باجر عيالي يسمعون النشيد الوطني مالكم

ما يسمعون النشيد الوطني الكويتي

واييي امووت

مسكين بعدين راح حفظ اغنيه وطني حبيبي وطني الغالي

و غشيييت عليه من الضحك

قلت له هذا مو نشيدنا الوطني هذي اغنيه وطنيه


we're the shizzele

oh girl there are a lot of good honest faithful kuwaiti men, and i mean really a lot , too much,,, big amounts..
and you don't have to look hard to find them you might see them right infront of you but they have two problems which only a smart girl can work it out
1. they lost trust in kuwaiti girls which means you have to play it right to make them trust you
2. or they are very lost they need a strong women to make them realize she is the one.

:) U know what? i believe you only get what you want when you don't want it :)

My advice, i'll tell you in private

Touché Juddy Abbot
I'll second that.

I ain't going talk the GCC vs. Kuwaitis, it's not logical not generalize the conclusion on such personal observations or experiences. The only thing is that we were vastly influenced by globalization after liberation which in turn crafted the following generation with out of space mentalities. Sorry to say it, but Kuwaitis are being obsessed with one single idea "majority NOT all of them" and that is to get into girls pants and flee.
It's very complicated really but the society is turning into a very materialistic one with no room for true emotions. Most of them (guys and girls) are looking for high speed short path relationships that end mutually abruptly.

The youth's maturity level is about to vanish and YES it is contagious and people are changing sinking to lower levels and trying to accommodate to whatever changes taken place around them.

What kind of relationships do you expect when 14 years old kids are chasing girls WITH THEIR MOMS!!! They have no more respect for anyone and growing foolishly bold.

Bottom line, most of them are turning into a bunch of monkeys and mimics.

Even though GCC men might seem on a different league, they are about to turn into duplicate Kuwaitis as globalization is drilling into their societies "i.e. my personal experience, UAE guys has changed 180 degrees from what they used to be 7-10 years ago"

My 2¢
The age of innocence is gone.

oh gosh !

now i have to a3eed 7sabati :P

no really ,

i believe that fedality has nothing to do with nationality, race or whatever, men and even women are getting crazier with every day passin so what the heck ?

it's a relative matter .. depends on the person him/herself .. their perspectives of life ...blah, blah, blah !

and yeah, good ones might seem rare but still, there is a handful of them

i really like ur post :D

salute !

i hear ya

men r pigs anyways !!

p.s not all of them of course

Well, both of my sisters are happily married so I get a daily earful of "marriage" stuff in Kuwaiti society.
One topic that keeps coming up is how cheating on one's wife is seen as something normal in Kuwait nowadays, or at least it's getting popular.
I'm going to paraphrase the following sentence but basically, there are a lot of Kuwaiti men who do actually love their wives and treat them great BUT that still doesn't prevent them from having a little fun on the side. Some don't quite see the emotional and physical harm in that.
Antoher trend is that even some Kuwaiti men have sworn off Kuwaiti women since they've become more "active" in their relationships. Because of that reason, a few Kuwaiti men have put their money on marrying someone from either one of the neighboring GCC countries or someone Western.
Living in Kuwait is an obstacle by itself in terms, but that's another topic altogether.
Hope you're good :)

their annoying ;p

You see the problem for them is that very few men marry the firls they date-
dating material isn't necessarily marrying material.
So the lesson is : ''chat and that's that''

Anything more will inevitably mean less.

Jelly Bean! wazzup wazzup .. I miss you, you loca chica you (^.^)

& Yes .. there still are good Q8i men .. erm .. I think :/

Anyway I ain't marryin an arabic dude period :P

Oh hon, been there, done that! All the Kuwaiti guys I know are really decent and stuff. Oh but then again a few of em are gay! *screams "Nooo! They're all turning gay on us!"* Hehe.

My ex-fiancee is a Kuwaiti. The only flaw he had was the fact that he wanted to get married quickly (I'm still studying) but well, I decided we were both doing ourselves a favor by parting. You know what they say.. someone's garbage is another's treasure. :) Well, he ain't exactly garbage but you know what I mean :)

I'll send him over to ya' if you want. Have fun knocking patience into him! :)

I'm really sorry I feel I have really neglected my blog for a very long time so I wanna say thanks to all your comments :*
I love how there are so many believers out there...o ma agool ila 7alat al thoob reg3eta mena o feeh :)

Hey Jelly Belly,

I'm glad you posed this up. I just started dating a Kuwaiti guy about 3 months ago.
As an Emiratiya, I can whine about Emirati guys from sunset to sundown and more than once I swore off Emirati guys because they are seriously full of crap. (but there are a few good ones, you just need to look longer and harder)
After reading all of the comments, most GCC men have similar qualities, like not marrying a girl after dating her, or using her just for fun and then marrying a virgin and crap like that.
It's hard for my boyfriend and I because it's a long distance relationship and even though he has so many things and woman surrounding him, I do give him the benefit of the doubt, because ultimately not all men cheat and he is a real GOOD guy.
I don't know what the future lies for us but I do hope that something good comes out of it and if not, then it was just not meant to be.
So basically, I just want to say, classifying or categorizing people sometimes isn't the best way to go about things.
It's not about the nationality at the end of the day, I think personality, education, family, everything else plays a huge role.

So I do hope you find someone special

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