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I spent New Years Eve at my friends wedding...I don't know why they picked that day but had to show up...but I left before 12 ;P

The bride and the groom trying to get cake all over each other faces...hahahaha...Don't you wish we have simple and fun weddings in Kuwait?

Moi between the bride and the groom

Cutest kids at the wedding...didn't stop dancing all night long...bless their hearts

hmmmm comfort or style?

in my books comfort beats style ;P

Acting silly @ the block party

after 12 people act a little crazy ;P

2 days later...Quick trip 2 the ER

respiratory problems :(

Sedated on medication

Happy 2008

nice chubby wedding

I love your dress
you looked amazing.

Hope you feel better :*

so ze khospital was part of the event?


khappy new year

in my book style totally beats comfort

happy new years

Purgy: hahahhaha it was one big chubby wedding ;P

Shopa: Thank you 7abebty....3yonich al7elwa...awal mara albes a dress min zemaaaaaaaan

o I am kind of feeling better now.. recovering :(

Kila ma6goog: ze khosbi6al became bart of za event af6er a krazy newkh year ;P

eshda3wa: allah yesalmich 7abebty thanks...and I know in many girls books style comes before comfort and I wish I could be one of those girls but I can't....I have big feet and I just wanna be comfortable LOL

error: Happy new year to you too dear :)

you look waaaaaw in the pic.

happy 2008

I guess they chose that date
so that no body will forget the aniversary
specially the groom

Vancouver: first of all welcome to my blog and thanks hun...I guess now it makes sense why they picked that date ;)

Yeah .. I agree
Kuwaiti weddings are dead boring.
khals .. what do u say of that: your wedding will be a fun one (ala american style)?

بس مو تنسين تعزميني

& salamat hon;***

I wish in my wedding day I adopt their fun weddings,, I mean the whole thing, dancing la mo ay dancing abii break-dance BIG TIME!!

lady in blue you kicked lady in red right in the butt!!


Sorry to hear that sweetie; hope you feel better by now. Happy belated New Year. And may the turning point in your life be towards a continuous success in life :*

How is everything, JB? Are you back home now? Miss hearing from you. :)

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