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Today is game one against the team I hate the most in the NBA the San Antonio Spurs...I'm really excited to see the show down between Shaq and Duncan...I hope this year will be the year that we'll beat them... I know its gonna be an exciting western conference....I believe in the SUNS... let's kick some ass :P



I can't believe we lost the first game...the Suns were leading until the end of the 4th quarter... then the game went to DOUBLE over time.... it was just a very close game the Spurs won 117 to 115 to the Phoenix Suns...I'm sad that we lost but its only game one in what looks like a very exciting series to come...I just hope Shaq will deliver in the next game because I think he fell short...I have to say I really miss Shawn Marion in the team! But gotta keep the spirits up.

Game 2 Tuesday....  Let's GO SUNS!


as usual we were leading until the second half...I have to say Shaq did deliver this game and he did so much better than game one... Stoudemire was great in the first half but he went cold after the second half started... one thing I hate to admit is the Spurs played great defense... but Game 3 will in Phoenix...home court and I hope they will win...I have tickets to game 4 and it would really suck if I see my team lose! 

so all I can say is I STILL BELIEVE 

عاشوا عيال فينكس

3ash min gaal...3ashaw e3yal Arizona kilha min Tucson le Phoenix...o Flagstaff ba3ad 3ashan ma7ad yez3al LOL :D

Gool inshalah ya Superman inna the other Superman ye3aref yered Duncan...gool Ameen.

Gooooooooo Knicks! You just wait, we will be back one day :)

Number 1 Knicks Fan

Purgy: I'm sorry dear they are not even in the playoffs but hey admire how you're sticking to your team :P

Go Celtics!

(Shakhbaree oo 6a3 hathee I know LOL, bes I am a very loyal gal )

ms. baker: well, this year is a good year to be a Celtics fan they are doing well in the playoffs... and I admire your loyalty as well hahahahhaha :***

bas haman ared wa agoool GO SUNS!

Butterfingers has GoT to GO!!

Nadzzzzzzz: hahahahahah well you know how I feel you saw my reaction to the game...yalla inshallah Friday things will turn around...and butterfinger is Boris Diaw usually he's a good player bas ma adree ishfeeh!!

What time is the game on friday?

Mal3oona: the game is at 7:30 P.M Mountain Standard Time... Wish us luck

P.S: I'm not so sure I like the new nick name :P

Inconspicuous..? :p
Lol.. that is in ref to my wonderful recent car trouble & at the end my mechanic told me that my car is possesed! :/
Gooooo SUNS!! Shake EM DOWN!

:/ I can't believe they traded me for Shaq!

Mal3oona: I don't know mo rakeb 3aleech hal nick name...you're too sweet to be Mal3oona :P

and I'm upset because we lost :(

nq: I can't believe it either :P

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