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For the past 3 days I have been really sick... NyQuil became my new best friend and I watched everything you can watch on TV... I finally got a call from a friend and told me she's coming over with some goodies...she brought me this cute basket with home made chicken soup, some bread, some cookies and a movie!
Now how sweet is that?
The movie she got me was Little Miss Sunshine
that movie was the best movie I've seen so far this year...I think it's a smart, fresh and funny movie that you have to watch if you haven't seen it yet and if you have watch it again ;P

I found a clip on YouTube of my favorite scene in the movie... Enjoy and happy national day ;*

salamat yal ghaly salamat :*

i loved little miss sunshine.. like u said, it was fresh :)

i hope ur feeling better now 7abeebty.. mwa

i haven't watched little miss sunshine but that clip was funny hehehe

Ma etshofeen shar inshalla
Get well sooon

and loool
ya i really liked the movie too

Hope you fell better soon ;*

salamat jellibell :**

WESHALEM! i LOVED that movie, the silent brother is sorta cute in an odd way lol :D

1- Salamat I hope ypu are better now
2- NyQuil was my best friend when I was in the US 2
3- I have not watched the movie yet .. put it won best orginal screen play and the guy who wrote it use to work as an assitsance for mathew brodrick before he quit to write the script

Hope you're feeling better now :*

I hope you feel better by now... I'll give that movie a try on your responsibility :)

MAKO NIG6AT MANAAA3A !! Babe.. I told you .. 3 years ago.. TAKE VITAMIN C religiously everyday..

I miss you so so so much..

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are greyyyyyyyyyy.
You'll never know, dearrrrr,
How much I love youuuuuuuu.
Please don't take my sunshine awayyyyyyyyy.

madri laish thekart shaklich o intay tegoleenli "MOOTAY MOOTAY" LOOOOOOOOOOL oh and trying to stab me with the fork ;)

6ool 3omrich gashra..:P

p.s. the girl dancing reminded me so much of you .. madri laish :P hahahahah

Hiiiii cute lady

a7la ma fech ena kil shay 7elow

et7ben etsharken rab3ech feeh

thaaaaaaaaaaanks alot baby ;)

wayd 7elow clip

kha6aaaaaaach alsooww mamaty

o bashof almovie enshalla ;)

The movie was so so stuiped

hope you aint still sick ;p

excellent movie.. helped me get through a rough day.. and that little girl is amazing

Is everything OK, JB? It's been over a month so hoping that you feel much much better by now.

il7imdillah 3la salamtich ;*


That was a really fun clip. And that music is so legendary.

OK the replys are really late and I'm not sick anymore but I'm gonna reply to everyone's comment anyways :)

Junoony: 7ayatee I'm feeling much better now LOL you know 3 months of recovery and all ;P just kidding
I'm glad u liked the movie too :*

Laialy: oh 7abebty if you haven't seen it yet...u gotta watch it :)
thanks babe :*

eshda3wa: allah yesalmich 7abebty...thanks :*

Shopa: 3 months has passed now LOL so I'm feeling much much better thanks ;*

Swair: hahahhaa I thought he was nerdy cute too! your not alone ;)

1. Allah yesalmik ya e3yoni ;*
2. Nyquil is my best friend too...not only when I get sick...if I can't go to sleep too!! LOL
3. I can see from your other comment that u didn't like the movie! 7asafa I thought it was a good one...yalla ma3leeh we don't always agree ;P

Hanan: doing much much better..thanks babe :*

Hitman1: Thanks dear...o 3ala mas'oleetee...I think its a cute movie :)

Chubby: tadreen feeni ana kil shahar lazem I get sick...bas yalla its all good :P

I miss u more bas hal youmain karhetich kilish ma tadreen 3any :P

Lawyer: mashkoora 7abebty 3ala hal kalam al7elo :***

Dr.Lost: hahahaha no doctor I'm not but my allergies are kicking in these days ;P

Ankh: I always love it when u watch a movie that uplift you when your down...I'm glad u enjoyed the movie :)

Christina: Thank you dear so much for your concerns...I was just having a bad couple of months...I guess I can explain it better in my next post...but thanks again for asking hun :**

Brava: allah yesalmich 7aebety :*

G.Q: hahahahaha I'm glad you liked the clip...you should watch the movie too...and I love that song...Rick James is the man LOL :)

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