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Jelly Belly Gone Bollywood

OK I have a little secert that I have to say to everyone and I know some of you will make fun of me but hey I'm not going to deny it anymore ;P
I'm addicted to Indian movies!
I kind of forgot all about Indian movies when I came to the States but the past 3 months I found out about a theatre here that plays Indian movies...YAY
I just wish I could speak Hindi better!
Anyways I was searching stuff on Youtube and I found some of the songs of the movies I saw in the past 3 months plus some old movies that I love!
So to all of the Bollywood fans enjoy ;)

Salam e-ishq

Umrao Jaan



Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

Amar Akbar Anthony

omg ako wa7da nafssie i love indian movies, sij i6waal bas indimaj bas feeh minhom ayshay ya3ne 7ada yshalkhooon;p! i love DEVDAS especially il songs.. o Kabi kushi kabi gam is amaziiing! wayed wayed bas min ziman mo shayfa lana ma7ad yertha eyey ma3ay kila imdagreni OLA 3 HOURS o madre shino ehehe... mako ila ana ayech winro7 together;p

I loved devdas.
Thats the last indian movie i watched.

يا معوده شلون تطالعينهم
كل الافلام نفس القصة ونفس الاخراج ونفس المده ونفس الاغاني ونفس الصوت

مدري اشلون تقدرين تتحملين تشوفين فيلم 3 ايام
اقصد 3 ساعات

يا ربي

مدري ليش
ما احب الافلام الهنديه
اول ما ادش اشم ريحه نارين و بان

اقوووووول حق بنات خالي تشمون ريحه برياني !!

يقولون نوووووو
بس انتي تتنسين!!

شوي يقولون لي طاعي البطل اينن
اقولهم ما اقدر اتخيل انه ايين
لان احسسسسسسسسس قصه سايقنا و هنديتنا
ما يعجبووووووووووووني

قومو بس قوموووووووو

و تلاقيني اطلع
و احووووووس
و اقعد في القهوه

my roommate is ADDICTED to indian movies, she makes me watch em all the time!!
i dont like em, readin the subtitles gives me a headache

i love sharukh khan's movies only..

devdas is one of my favs .. eveytime i watch it i cry.. specially the part where she runs to the door and they close it! 3athaab :|

tu mera piar hai ;*

Forever: hahahaha believe it or not 7abebty there are a lot who do enjoy Indian movies but they won't admit it ;)
o inshallah la radait al Kuwait we can go together...ishrayich? ;)

DR: Devdas was the first Indian movie I've seen since I came to the States and I loved it too...Thanks to one of my friends who adores Indian movies...it's a beautiful love story :)

bo9ali7 and Lawyer: well it's true 90% of Indian films have the same plots but think of most of Hollywood films these days don't they all have the same plots too! I'm not trying to compare the two of course but I think some Indian films are charming and specially if you love the history of that culture...I think it's amazing and I don't mind sitting and watching a 3 hour film ;)

eshda3wa: hahahaha I don't mind reading the subtitles...I love watching foriegn films in general...believe me you'll be amazed how good some films are comparing to the popular hollywood films :)

missy: I like Shah Rukh Khan movies too...I like his comedy side :)
but I'm more of a Salman Khan's fan ;)

NuNu: mujhe aap se mohabbat hai :**

It is a safe bet to watch something a "zara hat ke se," from Bollywood! well,of course, they make good movies except not all of them cut muster with every Tom, Dick and Jamal.
If you've enjoyed watching such films as, Devdas and Umrao Jaan I m sure you will enjoy watching
The Raincoat, Jogger's Park, Nishabd, Utsav, Corporate, Page 3, Bluff Master, Traffic Signal, Lakshya,Dev, Eklavya, Water, Bombay Boys, Fire, 1947 Earth and the must see film - Parzania.

go girl .. dont hide it ..
i am prode of you ..
it is a choice and u dont have to chose what others like ..
enjoey girl .. cry , laugh and dance ..
go jelly go jelly

la mala educacion: Welcome to my blog and thanks for the movie recommendations...I will check them out :)

joeymania: hahahahaha...thanks for the encouragement dear..YES I wont hide it anymore...and I will say it proud I enjoy Bollywood films LOL ;)

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