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Day 3 smoke free...
All I could think of right now is going to the gas station and buying a pack of cigarettes.

Day 2 on the diet plan...
I need a sugar fix NOW.

Day 1 in the GYM...
I can't feel my thighs and I hate my trainer.

I'll be spending half of the day in traffic school for my speeding ticket(s)...YAY!

Woohooo!! way to go JB!

VERY cool girl. Keep it up, onwards and upwards!

WILLPOWER - resist temptation (in whatever form it comes)..

JB. I think you should take baby steps hun..

It's a good thing that you can't feel your thighs ;)

3ashat Jelllyyy 3ashat!

and don't u dare go near the gas station!

and i agree with nunu, it's good that u don't feel ur thighs :p

love ur trainer, love thy self, i say :D

and the speeding tickets are going away, right? :D

dont complain.. tsk tsk! :P

Day 3- proud of you ;* you can make it

Day 2- Go get a sugar free mentos or something trust me you can't tell they are sugar free ;*

day 1- the soar will go away if you keep working out

good luck in the traffic school ;*

Allah Ewafgich Inshalla :)
I know you can do it mashalla it seems you have a strong personality and you'll stick to it

sounds like u're trying to implement all your new year resolutions simultaneously :)

brave girl !

It is tough trying to quit so hang in there. I foundn that brushing my teeth alot helped. I never wanted to smoke when my mouth felt clean. Are you sure you want to try to quit and start working out at the same time? Just think this time next year it will be one year smoke free! :)

keep going.......

madre liash ana halyyaaaam metnarfezzaaaaa so

7a66a 7arety fe altadkhen !!

ma3lich meny ana mo zenna


Perseus: hahahaha thanks dear...I swear it's sooooo hard...especially quitting smoking when all your frineds are smokers! I had many weak moments but I'm proud to say I'm still smoke free :D

Don: I am sweetie...I am...it's hard doing all of this together and I realized that but I really wanna change my life style.

NuNu: I wish one day I could say I love the GYM!

Swair: 3ash min gal 7abebty :*
I only go to the gas station to put gas in my car now ;)
hahahha it's hard to love my trainer but I will try ;)
thanks 7abebty I will try my best to do better :**

Missy: it's my blog and I cry if I want...cry if I want to ;P

Shopa: thanks dear :)
hahahaha you and your mentos!

Laialy: Thanks 7abebty...I'm doing my best :**
oh please give my regards to your mom :)

Joud: I have a feeling this will be the year of change for me :)

Christina: Oh let me tell you girl doing all of this together is tough...because in my past I used to subsititute cigarettes with food and now I'm on a diet it's even harder but I have been eating a lot of carrot and celery sticks LOL

Lawyer: waay sektay ya lawyer ana I'm dying for a cigarette bas kil ma athker how bad I used to cough ahwen...fa inshallah I will stick to it o inshallah you'll join the club too! ;*

Update: I'm still smoke free.
I cheated on the diet a little bit.
I'm still going to the GYM.

I have decided that every month I will have an online updates and maybe one day I will post a before and after picture ;)

ok its been long since dashayt ilblog world... awal shay bagoolich i love ur blog o giltlich min gabel! im happy to see u joined a gym, goodluck girl;p u can do it... yala its just a matter of time! o to comment 3al 100 thing post, dont u ever think or dare to delete ur blog;p

You know JB cheating on the diet once in awhile is ok the secert is to go back on the next day. If you are good all week having something extra isn't going to wreck what you've all ready done. Just watch the carb/calorie counts. Keep the treats under 250 calories and you should be ok. :)

Forever79: 7abebty thank you so much for your kind words...and I promise you I won't delete my blog ;)
oh I have been doing well al7emdallah so far...thanks 7abebty :**

Christina: I'm so excited today has been exactly a week since I started my diet and I lost 3 lbs so even though I cheated I still managed to lose the weight and I'm still holding up with cigarettes too!
Thanks babe for all your support :**

proud of you :*

Don: Thanks hun :*

Wow, good for you. Keep it up Jelly Belly

Jewaira: Thanks 7abebty :**
I'm really trying to keep it up ;*

3afia 3a'sha6ra :** o happy Valentine o happy national days o kil shai.

I'm not commenting on your latest post but I laughed so hard :P

Shrouq: hahahaha 7abebty thanx happy belated v-day and happy national day to you too ;**
yeah I'm proud of myself too but trust me it's still very hard journy...I have some good days and bad days ;)

o don't laugh about my Indian movie obession...hahahahaha...I'm trying to work on my hindi ;P

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