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I can't believe how time fly by and we are in 2007!!
So far 2007 doesn't look too promising for me...it started off by almost getting arrested for "criminal speeding"...I had arguments and fights with two people I love dearly...I discovered I was surrounded by fake people...and we're still in the month of January! Wow wow wee waa ;P

I hope your year is starting off better than mine ;P

I will leave you with a song that I have been listening to over and over again but I wish I knew the meaning of the words…so if anyone can translate please feel free.
Oh please listen to the whole song…it’s so beautiful :)

Yikilmisim ben

No, No, NO! I still have hope in 2007 and you should do too. Look at the bright side, if it was a bad year then you wouldn’t almost be “arrested for criminal speeding”, you would be actually “arrested”. Fake people are bad and you knowing they are fake is a good thing. Here you go, two things that are good happened in 2007 already.

I should start a campaign or something “Believe in 2007!”

Things always work out (i heard that in a movie and i have been saying it ever since) and they always doo

cheer up :)

Hey JB, glad to see you back on the saddle..

Awwal shay CHEER UP and CHIN UP girl!! we're still in mid-January. Think of it this way: you got the arguments of the year over and done with.. it's clear sailing from now on :D

LoL criminal speeding? ever hear the term "lead foot"? Where are you trying to get to so fast? stop and smell the roses.. so to speak ;)

jelly sugar, it isn't going any better for me.

just reply plz

Shopa: I like how you look at things and I will try to be more optimistic ;)
bas shasawee bel fake people?

Laialy: 7abebty I know it will...but I guess the year started on a bad note that's all and I sure hope things will change soon :)

Perseus: hala hala ;)
walla one of my arguments is still on going! So let's just hope it will be over soon :(

well I was driving back from Cali to AZ on the first day of the new year! and I got pulled over for criminal speeding LOL
I was so into the music...I guess I didn't realize how fast I was going :/

Judy: I'm sorry to hear that babe bas inshallah ra7 tet3adal for both of us :**
and I have been replying!

It sucks....very disappointing for me!

awwwww, don't think like that..

and comsider january ur "discoveries" month ;)

u leanred new things, so it's okay..

and.. yea.. *hugs u*

Tell them that you know they are "fake" and then drop them out of your life and never worry about them ever again.

Maze: I'm sorry about that! I hope things will be better in February ;)

Swair: 7ayatee :**
e wala January a month of discoveries o recoveries ba3ad!!

Shopa: I don't if I could completely drop them out of my life but I'll try! ;)

"..I discovered I was surrounded by fake people...and we're still in the month of January!" <--- that's a good thing.. it means it's the year of dicoveries and true colors.. it's better than being blind and think they're worth ur time :) drop'em and live life.

be optimistic and good things will come your way FOR SURE :)
take my word for it.. the more you thing positive the more your life shapes up ;)

be happy .. lots of love**

shrayech bil badliyah?

the more you thing positive

thing = think

I discovered I was surrounded by fake people

i knew that ten years ago:P

enshalla 2007 ra7 tekon sennat khair 7ag kil alnas ya rab o 7agech khososan...bs wakhray eshwayat alkasal:)

ma3refk ma3any alsong sorry ..:/

agian agian and agian..yarab senna khar 2007

malat 3alaich.. ma minnich faida.. punch them fake people, and live your life to the fullest :D

3abeer: I know walla I'm so glad I found out now :)
O I'm optimistic babe and working hard on it...o inshallah things will turn out for the better :*****
oh by the way I feel bad that I just found about your blog bas you have some great recipes that I'm gonna start using...great work 7abebty keep it up :*

Superman: LOOOL...I think I know who you're talking about bas 3asa you didn't include me in that group? :P

Lawyer: AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN o 9adgeny maney kaslana bas althroof tat7akam eb 7ayatee wayed and I really need to stop being a very emotional person...o thanks 7abebty :)

Korrraaaaah: la etgooool malat 3aleech :PPPPPPPPP
mahya mayla o khal9a ;P
o ba3dain I'm living it up don't worry ;P

what's criminal speeding :)

Joud: well the speed limit was 70 miles per hour and I was driving 96 mph so I guess going over 80 mph is what is called criminal speed! Which reminds me I have to pay my "civil speeding ticket" LOL or they will suspend my driving privileges :(

New year resolution...no more speeding ;)

LOOOL 96mph? daym girl u got balls (and by balls i mean artistic vision).. soogay chithee in kuwait 3adi bs not in the US of A ;P

join the fight club JB

I'm still insisting and keeping my head above the water for 2007 to be as good year

about fake people you have not seen anything yet

I missed you

Snookie: LOL it's not about having balls really...I didn't realize I was speeding because I was driving at night and the road was clear and it was only me and the music while the rest were sleeping! ;)

mosan: I missed you too sweetie...and I will join the club and I will keep fighting for 2007...I really need it to be a good year ;*

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