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How can I tell a friend that what she’s wearing is wrong?

One of my friends is a beautiful chubby girl but she has a major issue in wearing the wrong size clothes…I mean she doesn’t concern herself with clothes that fit and flatter her figure but it’s more about the silly number on the tag!
Don’t get me wrong I’m all for being who you are and being happy about it, but there comes a time and a size when you need to realize that what you’re wearing is wrong!
She wears clothes that pull in areas that are too small and draw unflattering attention to it!
I wish there is a way where I could be completely honest with her without hurting her feelings...What would you do if you had a friend like that?

Ok i had a friend like that, i didn't have the guts to take her shopping or the time to convince her to get better sizes, but i recommended few places to her, and made her be more religious -which made her wear bigger sizes- and pulled her to go work out with me.

But now if i had a friend like this, i would tell her " are you trying to support me on the wieght gain and wear your clothes tight like me" :P or just tell her to go shopping, there are wonderful new clothes in Layn braient :) (or however it is spelled)

Look at her in disbelief @@ and go KAAAAAKAAAAAAAAAKAAAAAAAAAAK :D

Ok that would be mean.

Just take her shopping.

Take her picture and post the bad ones on facebook

You tell her "How about going shopping together I need another opinion and you might find mine useful as well"

When she picks something you tell her "let's try other sizes" and you compliment on the ones you see good and honestly tell if you think it fits her wrong.

Btw, it goes for guys as well..

There are few guys that start working out for exactly three days, and think that in three days, a body of brad pitt in fight club had formed underneath their clothes.. all of a sudden you see the guy jumping three sizes down in their t-shirts, from an XL to S in three days, and starting to walk very funny cos of the muscle mass they really think they developed in those three days.. it’s really funny.. but the look is sooooooooo freakin ugly on the eyes..

They are not my friends, but some idiots I see in the gym..

i've never been good at this either .. u can say smthg like "is it comfy? shakla thayyedj shway, i think it would look better if it were a bit looser"

and use a low, sweet tone :->

when she tries something one, just say in a quiet tone.. "hmm... it's a bit unflattering in this (or that) area.. how about this other kind of shirt? how about u get this same one but one size bigger?"

Hey sweetheart :*

Personally, I would not tell her anything. Who am I to decide what's right and what is wrong?
She can wear whatever she likes as long as she's comfortable with the way she looks. Perhaps she wants THAT attention. Kaif-ha ;-)

If I were you, I'd compliment whatever I see nice on her. If it wasn't nice, I'll keep it to myself unless I was asked to give my opinion.

send her an anonymous email...tell her whatever u want...

Tell her about a great article you read in a woman's magazine about how wearing cloths a little loose makes you look smaller and then take her shopping and show her on yourself? I don't know if that will work because I think some people just like the attention they get in tight clothes and don't care if it looks bad. :(

go shopping, and when she pulls out shit that doesn't work, make a point, and be like "u always do that..!"

I'd say go shopping. Or buy her a gift that she can wear to realize her real size and what fits and looks nice on her!

Miss you ;*

Judy: hahahaha the shop called Lane Bryant and I did try taking her there but she keeps making excuses about their clothes although they have really nice things!

Deef: You are a very mean person :P

Shopa: hahahaha she doesn't have a facebook account! ;P

True Faith: ahlan ahlan 7abebty...its been a while since I saw you! I hope you're doing well?
I did go shopping with her a couple of times but maybe I should go again...although I have to let you on in a little secert I HATE SHOPPING and she can spend the entire day in the mall!

Don: hahahahahaha...I had a mental image of sheyab mo shabab with their "beer" bellies LOL
7adda sexy ;P

Joud: The thing is she always asks me my opinion on her tops and 99% of the time they look bad on her but I smile and tell her she looks ok but I never compliment her...maybe I should use your way!

Swair: I don't really go shopping with her but I will do that when I do go...I think that's the only way to tell her!

Papi: Shofay min na7yat the "girls" she likes to show them off and I know she does it for attention...but my issue is the other parts like the "belly" for example it really makes her look like she's pregnant sometimes...it's very unflattering...so it's hard for me to be a friend and not say anything!

bo9ali7: It sounds like a good idea but I think she'll probably guess it's me!

Christina: I really do feel like giving her make-over and dress her up in things that are size and age appropriate.

KuwaitiFemme: hahahahaha I love how assertive you are ;)

nunu: You know I love the gift idea, I might just do that.
Thanks 7abebty and I miss you too :**

So the majority votes on taking her shopping...shopping shopping amery lel allah ;)

tell her yalmeteena change your clothes wulla fashalteeny o fashalty ro7ech..but try to say it nicely

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