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Another year, Another Birthday....Happy Birthday to me.... all I want this year is a Hello Kitty Cake and a glass of milk ;)

P.S: Happy Belated birthday to Bu_Ghazi :)

Happy Jello Bday :)

Happy Birthday!
its really nothing.

Purgyyyyyy: Thank youuuuu hunnn :*

blue dress: thanks dear and welcome to my blog...I know it's nothing...it's just another year and I still feel the same :)

happy birthday!! so did you quit smoking yet!!??!

error: Thank you dear :))))
and aaaaaaaaah I'm working on it? :D

happy happy birthdaaaay ^_^

Laialy: Thanks 7abebty :*

Happy Birthday habibti :) May nothing but the best cross your path :)

♥ Maya


where is my 3 years late present?

Happy Birthday Jelly Belladonna :-)

i hope u got some nice presents :)

كل عام وانتي بخير
على العموم ترى الموضوع مجرد ارقام
انزين في حفلة في شي؟
واذا في معزوم انا؟
من الحين اقول لج ترى ماني يايب لج هدية هالمرة

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm so late.My b'day was yesterday *sigh* somehow they just aren't as fun anymore now that I am older. :(

heeeey its been long since i posted a comment on your blog btw ana Forever79...HAPPY belated birthday;* hope all ur wishes come true... how u been? inshala kilshay ok? 3eedich imbarakk;* yala bakteb hni 3an the other post yala khalsay hal 4 classes o graduate 3ashan u come back winro7 film hindi;p wila nisaytay? yala peace out;p

Happy Birthday hon;****
walaw inha mit2akhra


هاااااااابي بيرثدااااااي
و لو انها متاخره سامحيناااااااااا

يارب تتحق كل امنياااااااتج هالسنه قولي امييييييين

happy birthday babe

aby cake :)

happy b-day :}

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes...I can't believe I'm still getting birthday wishes 2 months later!! hahahahha :**

My birthday was very dull this year since it was in Ramadan but I tend to celebrate big next year...turning 30 wohooooo! ;)

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