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عيدكم مبارك
Happy New Year
Jelly Belly :*

ayamich sa3eeda love... meshtageeen

Are you JB or the cat who ate JB? that is why you cannot write posts, because you are a cat!

3eedich mbarak dear !
and happy new year inshallah ;)

3eedich mbarak JB :*
i was in london a few days ago & i finished off a whole box of those flakes all by myself lol.. temanaitich! u & a glass of milk, of course. =)
miss u

تعودينه انشالله بصحة و سلامة

فقدناك وينك ما تبينين؟


3asach min il 3aydeen.. And a happier year for you inshallah!

كل عام و انتي بخير

ينعاد عليج كل سنه بصحه و سلامه انتي و مع كل من اتحبين

مبارك عليج العيد

مبارك عليج السنه اليديده

مبارك عليج رقبه صديم

I can't believe I'm back to blogging again and early in the morning too...but since I'm the only one awake from my friends...I should reply ;P

Judy: 7abebty 7ata ana meshtaga lekom kilkom wallah :*

Purgy: I'm the chubby version of Catwoman ;)
and Happy New Year sweets :*

Honey: ayamich sa3eeda o happy new year to you too babe :*

Junoony: 7ayateeeeeeee my chocolaholic buddy LOL
I hope you had good time in London and I miss you too babe :**

Perseus: Ajma3een dear...wala I was living in my little shell for a while! But I'm here with friends in your neighborhood ;)

Shurouq: 7ayatee :****

Phoenix: AMEEEEEEEN I need a happier year and inshallah it will be for all of us :**

Lawyer: Ameen o yen3ad 3aleech 7abebty o ekmalat far7at al3eed eb 9adamo wallah!
o Happy New Year babe :*

Happy New Year Jella Bella :*
hugs and kisses

quit smoking

Happy New Year, JB! good to see you back. Have been worried about you.

عساج من عواده :)

Happy New Year ..

3asach men 3awada

Tawni ashoof el post..
Happy New Year 7ubeeez ;*

Ma boghena new post!

Happy New Year babez, Hope you had fun ;*

Happy NewYear inshalla happy =}

best of luck =}


Happy New Year Jelly Belladonna :)


Hey JB happy new year missed ya alot

yay! she's alive! happy new yr!

Hppy new year.. where have you been?

why is everyone disappearing on me ? :/

happy belated Eid,jelly!

WAINECH MATBAINEEN?! 3asa il mani3 khair?

miss you ;*

Papi: Happy new year sexy and I haven't seen you in ages...bas I hope alsalam ga3ed yo9al ;*

error: That's "new years resolution" for every year but I never pull through! but who knows maybe this year I will do it? ;)

Christina: Happy New Year sweetie...I'm so sorry to worry you dear but I honestly needed some time for myself but I think I'm doing better now :***

bo9ali7: o min al3aydeen o alfayzeen inshallah :)

Baskin: Happy New Years dear o your nick name really really made me crave some ice-cream ;)

NuNu: a7la happy new year hot lips ;***

Shopa: hahahahaha it sure was a lot of fun ;P

Spon: Happy new year 7abebty o inshallah senat khair 3alaina kilena {{{{{HUGE BEAR HUG}}}}}}

Jewaira: Happy New Year my love...I know I said this before bas I really do love you :*

Blue Ice: hmmm I'm not quite sure I get it! :)

mosan: 7obee I missed you too...you really crossed my mind when I was in LA ;)

Kuwaiti Femme: 7ayatee intay...wala thank you so much for asking and checking on me :***
I hope you had a wonderful new years celebration ;)

3abeer: Happy New Year 7abebty...I was in my little shell :/
bas I know what you mean with everyone disappearing...I don't know maybe its in the air! ;)

Brava: Happy Eid sweet heart...o wala 7abebty ekhtefeet mo bas from the blogging world 7ata from a lot of my friends...I needed some time out I guess!

7ayati wallah, same to you :*

Ayya: 7ayati intay wallah :****
are you still in the states? you should pass by ;*

كل عام و انتي بخير

tara ma9akhteeeha.. come back already !!!

tara ma9akhteeeha.. come back already !!!

Superman: wenta eb 9a7a o salama inshallah :*

3abeer: 7ayatee wala..sorry wala I have been really busy o ma adree ishfeny 7ata lo 9ar 3indy wagat at3ayez I post bas I promise you I will do a better job :**

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