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Happy Halloween

I have no costume yet....I have to think of something really soon! LOL wish me luck ;P

I am an angel this Halloween :D

you should've dressed as Me ;P

6th year in the US and still haven't celebrated halloween not even once. Enjoy ;*

Who's that hottie? would you introduce us to that pumpkin? He's on fire :P


Last yr u were a pimp sa7?

Wow...mashAllah 3alay...im on a roll these days...my memory is back!

Hey JB, Check out this kid :D

happy halloween..

happy haloween,,im a nun ;)

Laialy: oooooooh that's so sweet...I wanna see some pics ;P
I'm not gonna say what I went as yet because I think I might post pictures later ;)

Shopa: ma 3indich salafa not even once? I haven't missed a year since I came to the states ;)
I love dressing up...and thanks 7abebty it was a lot of fun :*

Cuteberry: hahahahaha good one ;P

DR: mashallah mashallah you do have a good memory ;P
and this year I was something more "innocent" ;)

Perseus: ooooooooooooh how cuteeeeeeeeeee...my friend dressed up her kid as a superman but he had the muscles and all...he was sooooooo cute ;)

bo-9ali7: happy belated halloween ;)
and I love the movie ghost busters.

me: I bet you were a naught nun ;P

P.S: I wanted to post halloween pics earlier but I need to get some of the pictures from my friend...so stay tuned ;P

ana I was Purg in Halloween

Don: I wanna see pictures :P

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