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Stop smoking.. it could KILL you..."unless u have the right kind of sofa"

I smoked my cigarette and went to bed....I woke up to go to the bathroom and I see smoke coming from the living room...it was my sofa on fire...well not the entire sofa but it could've reached that point if I wasn't there on time!!!
Someone told me it's a sign to quit smoking! Maybe it is :P

I have 3 holes in my sofa now!! LOL

Oh-My-GOD! kha6ach issou JB..

and yes! STOP SMOKING ALREADY!! jeez!

LOL OMG a typical thing I'd do! Well, since I am anti-smoking, YEH IT IS A SIGN ;*

Afaaaaaa!!! Matshoof shur your sofa.. deeray balich marra thanya and QUIT SMOKING!!!

seriously ..QUIT SMOKING


It has noting to do with you smoking, it has more to do with you know what, which I told you to stop!




PLZ TAKE CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


T3wreen galby chithy :/

Did u put it out on the sofa?

Purg, I KNOW what you meant!

It is a sign!
This time it's your sofa.. who knows what it could be next time? Inshallah nothing serious, but I'm just saying QUIT SMOKING

awwal shay.. kha6aach issu.. thani shay.. smoking might have caused the spark.. but what really started the fire is your CLUMSINESS!! killa mashia o 3yoonich im3alliga bil sima ! heheheheh I feel like a parent all of a sudden.

Ashwa inna yat bil qanafa wala feech willa chan intay al7een kabab KOBEDEH!
yes I believe that this is a sign, not to quit smoking, but to GET YOUR TUSH HOME! at lease here i know you won't be burning any couches.

love you :** ;)

kha6ach el-so!

be careful next time or quit!

scarrrrryyy! :|

offff!! kha6aach elsoo :*

loved the title :P

سلامات يالغالي سلامات..شنو تدخنين؟

Yeah stop smoking, the effects are much worse than they are on men :/

Hey, if my brother dodged his annoying friends that made him try to start smoking again then you can!

Yeah...quit, it's a bad habit and you know what, there isn't really a GREAT reason for one to smoke...it's just bad :/

So yeah, quit :P

yes dear , that means u have to quit !!
its not good 4 you ,,

good, your sofa needs some design anyhow :P

You don't really have to quit anything, keep on smoking as much cigarettes as you want, 3adi , who cares !!! one day you'll regret it anyhow.

zeem ma e7tarag il beet,, BTW where is your cat? kan il mafrooth yel3ab door bil mawthoo3.

I'm not gonna tell you what you should or shouldn't do, just be careful with that.

Perseus: kha6ak il-lash dear...hahahahaha o inzain la etzeff..I will try my best to quit :P

Shopa: hahahahhaha...wala kanat la7that clumsiness!!

NuNu: LOL alshar ma eyeech 7abebty...maskeena e7targat..9arat ugly ;P

Valentia: allah yesalmich dear..o I will try :D

Purgy: wallahee bare'a min kol tohma ;P

Laialy: Yummmmmmmmmmaaaaaaa is the right reaction alright!

DR: 7ayatee walla I'm usually careful bas accidents happen
ismmala 3ala galbich :*

MiYa: no the ashtray fell accidently...and I dont think you know what Purgy meant :P

Phoenix: hahahaha so you think its a sign? inshallah I will try my best to quit ;P

Chubby: kha6ach il-lash 7abebty...o you're right it was clumsiness :PPPP
shasawee ma sheft al6afaya o 6a7at :P
o e wala I need to come back...fahmateny :P
wuv you :***

IDip: kha6ak-il-lash dear...o wala I promise I will be more careful :)

Kuwaiti Femme: it was scary bas ba3dain I laughed at myself on how I put out the fire...kan film hindi!! LOL

Jandeef: kha6ak-il-lash dear...o al title I borrowed from someone ;P

bo9ali7: allah yesalmik dear...wala adkhin zegayer laff LOL
kidding kidding...I smoke Marlboro ultra lights :P

Erzulie: 7ayatee I wish it was that easy to quit but I will try...I promise :**

Honey: I will try to quit...its hard but will try dear...thanks! :)

Juddy: ooh sektay al design mal alsofa 9aar emsaket al7een!! LOL
shay shay...o I had the same question asked about my cat...hahahahah...he was sleeping next to me ishhhkherry ma yaderee 3an denya! LOL

her: thanks 7abebty...I will be more careful ;)

OK Jelly! That's it! Quit smoking darling. Or at least install extra fire alarms and have fire extinguishers at hand! :P

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Salamaaaat !

Wow ur so creative 3ala il title ;p ...!

yalaaa bas no more chigayer

Everyone wants you to quit, labbi raghbat il jamaheer ya ma7bobat il jamaheer..;p

ur lucky it wasnt the whole bedroom.

I once burnt my trouser and it went right through and burnt my the hair on my leg.

عيدك مبارك و عساك من عوادة

Jewaira: LOL, you know that was the scary thing my fire alarm didn't go off!!
bas inshallah I will try to quit..I have been trying for a very long time and I hope I have the will power to do it this time ;*

Mobi: LOL yeah I borrowed the title from a wise man ;P
o ma7bobat aljamaheer tabee teg6a3 jegaayer bas wala 9a3ba :(

Twix: ee wala I was lucky that it didn't get worse while I was a sleep bas allah settar!!
and hahahahah I burned through my t-shirt once...bas wala as chubby said I'm kind of clumsy LOL.

Kila Ma6goog: SuperrrrrrrrMaaaaaaaan...ayamik sa3eeda ya e3yony..o 3asa allah ye3oodha 3aleek bel 9a7a wel 3afya you and your family inshallah :*

be more careful!

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