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عيدكم مبارك و عساكم من العايدين و الفايزين إنشاءالله

نقبل العيادى بالدولار و الدينار

I'll be spending Eid all day in school, so I hope you'll have a better Eid than me!

Again Happy Eid all ;*

Eidich imbarak Jelly Belly... Try to enjoy!

3edech Embarak ;*

Ayamich sa3eeda jelly love,
أقول بما ان احنا الثنتين طالبات علم فأقول صاحب النصيفة رابح :)
ولا شو رأيك

Ayamich sa3eda sweetie!

Hehehe cool, online 3ayady. What's your paypal account?

gzarat, ma buga shay inshallah

3eeDich mbarak =)

kil 3am winty ibkhair.. 3eedech imbarak :)

Phoenix: Ayamich sa3eeda 7abebty thank you :*

Shopa: Ayamich sa3eeda 7ayatee :***

judy: hahahahaha wala khosh ra'ay bas ana agool I have to get a little more...tadreen ana metgharaba o eb3eeda 3an ahalee LOL ;P

DR: 7abebty wala :*

Perseus: ya e3yoni walla you were the only one ilee be3ayed 3alay :*

Brava: e wala 7abebty sektay ta3bat o inshallah ma bega shay!
ayamich sa3eeda :*

MSB: wentay o ahal alba7rain kilhom eb 9a7a o salama ya galbee :**

eid mubarak my ideya for you is a kiss on the belly and a smoke filter so you dont ruin ur lung!!

quit smoking!!!

عيدج مبارك ماي دير


error: hahahahah...when I read your 3eedya I had the reaction of the Pillsbury dough boy when its poked LOL
and as I said I promise I will try to quit!
3eedik embarak :)

3abeer: ayamich sa3eeda 7abebety :**

3eedich imbarak 7abebty :*

im eating flake ;) ma ye7la illa weyach lol

Happy Eid sweety :)

Junoony: ayamich sa3eeda 7abebty :***
ba3d 3omery wala ayam flake o glass of milk LOL ;)

Honey: 3eedich emabarak 7abebty :)

تم تحويل العيدية

كل عام وانت بخير

happy belated eid,, I was traveling and I forgot all about eid what a great feeling

where is my birthday present? four months had passed and counting

Alia: wentay eb 9a7a o salama ya galbi :****

mosan: sexy legs wb :*
I hope you had a good time :)

Don: LOL walla I have a feeling you'll get it next year!
almishkila I'm either too lazy or too broke :P

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