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I need a freaking Mojito!

I really need to be some where far away from where I am right now!
Some where exotic, secluded and with no means of communication what's so ever!
I feel so freaking burned out from others...I'm sick of my friends and their never ending problems...it seems that they have no one to call but me...and their drama keeps growing by the minute...why do I always pick up the phone and be there for them? I asked myself this question a million times before...I mean would it be so horrible if they found someone else to call?
I know I care about my friends a lot and I love them to death bas ta3bat...min al summer o ana 7assa roo7y ta3bana...but would anyone for a second calls me to say how was your day? NO
They call to dump their problems on me!! I honestly feel like crying...I feel sad and lonely...even though I'm surrounded to what seems to be like hundreds of friends but none of them really made the effort to LISTEN TO ME!

P.S: I will reply to comments on the previous post later...sorry guys I just needed to vent out!

JB you poor girl, you need a vacation pronto!

Come to SoCal, drama-free environment guaranteed :D and mojitos just cross the border..

I really know how you feel,, I went through that phase with my friends and I could not take it I hated it,, there problems where poring down on me with no chance for me to even open my mouth,, not to mention I was going through tough times and they knew it... I guess I gave them the impression that I can take it or I am tough like that.. unfortunatlly and I hate to say that it got to me and I lost contact and I have not seen them in a year.
you dont have to endure this shit,,

Dear Savior Saint of Mojito’s

Give my friend JB the fun she deservs. And give her the blessing and the strength and the ingredients to mix me the perfect mojito.. Amen

blin blig all nite long.

You have to start taking care of yourself. It's hard! but you have to put yourself first. Take a break and just shut the damn phone off.

we love you ;*

JB.. they come to you because they were conditioned to believe that you are their rock. It's ok love.. you have negative energy dumped on you.. take a day off, go to a spa and just be with yourself and a good book. I was going to call you today but you posted before I did. My heart is with you and you know I am always there to listen.

ummmm take a Carl's Jr. style day off! *hint*


i hear ya! been there, felt that!

how r ya doin' JB?? here, gimme ur phone.. nope, gimme ur laptop/pc too.. u just sit back, relax, enjoy this fruit cocktail and vent away.. we're here for you! =)

How was your day, JB? :) Close your eyes and picture one of the Corona commercials. Tropical beach, laping waves, perfect blue sky and one of those wonderful male waiters that bring you whatever you want right to your chair! AHHHHHHH! ;)

LOL..someone just lOst it big time :P stop the dr.phil show..!..MojitO..Caipirinha...red bull ..matbalba3esh ..!..do u go another states ..other than the sin city :)..?!..go Here..take plane of course !!..there they shot the film [ basic instinct ]part 1..!يله يالسلامه يا أوختشي

*hugs you 7aaaaaaaaaaail*

shlonich JB?

How can they be called FRIENDS, when nobody of them listens to you?

Think of it, Jelly.

go to the beach ... swim .. swimming does help a lot believe me !

Poor girl 7yaaateeee =/
Ok! How about if you change their idea of "you being there for them all the time"? By not picking up the phone perhaps or by getting busy, say you're taking a break or something!

Love you ;*

P.S: I will comment to this post later...sorry jelly I just needed to vent out!


Perseus: I really need a vacation...you have no idea walla!!

I would love to come but will you be a good host and take me around? ;P

mosan: ya rabi amoot 3ala hal wald...I love your little prayer...thanks babe :**

Shopa: I love you too 7abebety :***
and I did shut off my phone but then my mom got worried! LOL

Chubby: I will take a day off in a spa on my birthday...I think I'm gonna ditch one of my classes and go and relax...I really need it!
I wuv you :**

Deef: 3abood 6ageny bas a7emdo 6aga :P

MSB: 7ayatee THANK YOU :***
I have been avoiding my cell phone and doing my own thing a lot lately...I can't tell you how good it feels to be alone some times!

Christina: OMG! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT! But Chris I want it for real...I don't wanna close my eyes and imagine! LOL

13: thanks for the info dear!! to me any where with a nice beach will do!

Junoony: 7ayateeeeeeeee "hugs" I'm doing much better 7abebty thanks for asking :*

Sever: I know you have a point there sever...I need to put myself ahead...but trust me some of them I do consider as true friends but they just assume that I'm ok!

MC: I wish there is a beach in my state...bas shaklee I will settle with the swimming pool and it does sounds like a good idea...thanks 7abebety :**

NuNu: 7ayatee I love you too :***
yeah I have been doing that...eb 9ara7a maley kholg 3war rass!

Kila Ma6goog:
P.S: Superman tara eb ten6ag...sorry I just needed to vent out :P

Afa 3alaich 7athreen, tour guide complete with the hats, SPF 3000 and Jamba Juice smoothies. Lotsa cool fun things to do.

Perseus: YA e3yoony thank you wallah....tara al7een arkab sayartee o ayee!! LOL
la la I have lots and lots to do this weekend...I have to study which I should be doing now!
bas I would love to come one day...do all the things that I want to do (tourist attractions!)
I've been to SoCal so many times bas didn't get the chance to go to the places I wanted!!
o ba3dain movie night...since you are my favorite movie blogger buddy :D
ha what do you say? ;P

well done, mate...keep going..come to my blog sometimes Air Force

Anytime, open invitation. You can't beat our beaches: Surfers and Sun.

O movie night, huh? Walla sounds great. Tadreen shino widdy? shakly aby afta7 little underground movie theater lamma arja3 ilkuwait, to show old unknown B/W classics.

Ako this amazing little theater here in SD that has lounge chairs and blankets under the stars, and shows old movies in the open air. Really amazing atmosphere. That would be so frikkin cool.

Perseus: YOU ARE ON! Shoof inta gelt open inivatation fa eb-talashat...bas ta3aal ehni how can I get hold of you if I ever decided to go?
your profile doesn't have your email :P
which raises a good point of why don't you have your own blog?!
You have a lot to offer man :P

o I LOVE the underground theatre idea...we need that in Kuwait...
can I take part of the movie selection? ;P

how come I never heard of that theatre in San Diego...I used to have a lot of friends there...bas it does sound amazing...damn it we could never have such a thing in Arizona weya our heat! LOL

read your email :D

you've got mail ;P

I need a freaking mojito too !! not coz of my friends.. coz i moved back and its terrible :/

twix: hahahahaha I will be moving back soon too..so dont scare me :P

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