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Another venting out entry

Hello everyone! It’s me again…I didn’t feel like blogging for a while because the mood hasn’t been that great…with family, school and stress and of course the sad news on what’s going on in Lebanon…I’m glued to the Arabic news watching the events…I just pray to God that this war will end…I don’t think I can handle watching more innocent people die…a lot of my family were in Lebanon for their summer vacation but al7emdallah I heard today that they all made it back to Kuwait…I still have a lot of Lebanese friends who are there and they message me whenever they get the chance…one of my dear friends said “Babe, el 7aleh te3beneh... I might be coming back to AZ soon! We're okay! THank you... Pray for us...”
I have been praying for her safe return and to many people who are there and they have no where to go!
My life as I said have been so hectic but al7emdallah at least my father has been doing better lately and that’s good news…they decided to leave to Kuwait at the end of the week and I honestly wanted him to stay and get more procedures done but I guess he reached a point that he can’t take it anymore…he’s really sick of the hospitals and he’s ready to go back...I have mix feelings about him going back…but at the end I have to respect his wishes.
Since my parents are leaving soon I had to call both British Airways and Kuwait Airways to have certain things to be done for him during the flight in terms of medical care…British Airways as always has been more than wonderful with everything…but OMG where do I start with Kuwait Airways?
I have been boycotting Kuwait airways for a very long time and after talking to them today they reinforced the idea that I will never fly on Kuwait airways again!
I called the New York office of Kuwait airways and I spoke to the most annoying, disrespectful agent…she talked to me with attitude and she didn’t give me the chance to explain what my father needs during his flight…she was rushing me through the phone call and I finally burst out of anger and I asked for the manager…she laughed and told me honey I’m the manager!!! Ishtabooney ared 3aleeha? I laughed back and told her what a great job Kuwait airways have done in hiring you…she doesn’t know the first thing about customer service! After being on hold for an hour and talking to a complete bitch on the phone and faxing all the paper works they need…I have a feeling that they will still screw up and won’t provide my father with what he needs in London!
I swear after today’s phone call I will NEVER EVER EVER fly on Kuwait airways.

Glad your dad is improving and hope for better health.

Sorry to say but Kuwait Airways do not have the best customer service to say the least

Jewaira: al7emdallah 7abebty he's doing much better and I hope he'll get even better...I know he needs to go back to Kuwait because I don't think he can handle staying away any longer!

and about Kuwait airways...wallah I really lost my temper on the phone today...if you only listened to the way she was talking to me? as if I was the compelete idiot..she kept rushing me to get to the point which she doesn't get because she didn't give me the chance to explain what I needed from her!
bas my dad was so upset that he actually contacted Kuwait Airways in Kuwait..they told my dad they'll call the NY office but I doubt they'll do anything!

JB, hey girl long time no see/talk/or-whatever-you-wanna-call-this

Happy to hear your dad's doing better

انشالله يا رب يرجع الكويت سالم غانم قولي آمين..

And don't start on the Kuwait Airways nightmare stories.. I once got into trouble with the INS people because of blatantly wrong information of the KU agents gave me. Not to mention the hour+ hold time you have to endure everytime you call the NY office.. Plus what kind of stupid airlines asks you to RE-confirm bookings? that's just stupid.

Check this out..

Perseus: hala o `3ala...I know it has been a while!

Ameen..o allah yesma3 minik.

ooh my god I'm sure all of us have stories and stories to tell about Kuwait airways...you know why I boycott Kuwait airways?
here is my story...I was flying from Arizona to JFK on Delta and when I reached JFK I went to Kuwait airways counter and I realized I lost my ticket..I spoke to the agent on the counter (who was a Kuwaiti) and told him my problem...he told me I need to go back to Delta and see if they have the ticket..I asked him to call but he said I better go myself and not to take the bus because it would take a while..so he told me to walk to the terminal...and I'm guessing you know how far is the international terminal from the domestic terminal..it was winter time and it was snowing...I walked all the way there and guess what?
the delta agent told me he could've called!!
I was soooo pissed and I went back and told him that...he laughed and said "Reyatha reyatha" hinting I need to exercise!!
I started yelling at him and he was a complete jerk..finally the manager came out and asked to see my passport...then he asked me if so and so is related to me and I said yes he's my uncle (who used to work in Kuwait airways) the jerk stood out of his chair and said "laish ma geltay meno 3amich" just because I'm related to someone who can fire you from your job you started paying attention to my problem?!!!
wala 3ogebha 7alafat ma arakab al Kuwaitya and I swear Perseus..thats only one of the stories I have on kuwait airways!
and today with the the rude agent I spoke to on the phone was just the cherry on the top!

Hi, this is the thing with wars everywhere..the people with power mess up and the poor civilians get killed...(sigh!) Allah ykoon b3onhum!
About your dad, mayshoof shar inshalla!
About Kuwait Airways: Chan zain its the only thing thats useless in this country...mafi wala wizara, wala mu2asasa that runs properly...bas shinsawi dam ilasas ohwa il5arban what would you expect of the less fortunate...
I don't want to sound pessimistic, I hope we can do something to change it...

JB, wow maskeena.. what a story! that guy was a major prick! This airline is a national joke really. I was at the head office beddeera yesterday, the SEVEN employees were helping about one customer per 10 mintutes.. ya3ny if you arrive and take a number: .. oy don't get me started..

Haven't flown aljazeera yet, but I must say they're handling this whole Beirut thing very admirably.. see the page ad in Qabas ilyoum..

7amdella 3ala salamta your dad, inshalla their flight will go well and he'll be home soon.

The situation in Lebanon is scary and pretty much out of control.. It's no surprise Kuwaitis are attached to Lebanon.. Everyone seems to have friends and relatives over there.. We're glued to our tv sets and all we do is worry.

Allah ykoon b3onhom killish ma yestahloun

Take care of yourself babe :* and take it easy

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yo9al bel salama el walid inshalah o mayshoof shar
o entay laish mo ray7a m3ahom?

kuwait airlines! tell me about it..

keep on boycotting until they go bankrupt, they SHOULD!

reading your bad experience narfeztni o brought back memories before the byocott :D

Aurora: What a beautiful nick name...yes you are right that a lot of things that needs to be changed in Kuwait and I'm optimistic that things will change inshallah!

Perseus: SEVEN helping one customer?!!
The goverment needs to do something with Kuwait Airways...my father told me that Kuwait Airways has almost 8000 emloyees!! doing what?!
and I keep hearing good things about al Jazeera...yalla inshallah we'll see more of these airlines in Kuwait o alfaal lel Kuwaitya!

Shurouq: allah yesalmich 7abebty :*
e wala I stopped watching the news these days because every time I watch TV I end up crying...I can't really watch it anymore o allah yafrejha 3aleehom inshallah.

me: hala wala 7abebty..it9adgeen my parents love al Qa6reya...they say their service is really good and the tickets are reasonably priced!
I think Qatar is doing great in improving their airlines and the country as a whole...I lived in Qatar for a while and everyone keeps telling me I won't even know Qatar now...so inshallah e7na netghayar methelkom.
bas going back to the airlines..so far BA is my favorite and I will keep flying on BA.

Hind: allah yesalmich 7abebety...
sektay 3indy ge9a9 wayda 3ala al Kuwaitya bas that story led to boycotting them and I will continue to do so until will see some changes!

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