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3 months ago when my parents first came I was nervous...I knew they will be staying for a while because of their medical check ups...I thought to myself I will miss my privacy and space...and I honestly did...after all I have been living alone for a very long time and I'm used to things done in a certain way...but since my parents left yesterday I feel so empty...my place is not the same anymore...I miss joking with my dad and playing cards with him...I miss reading the newspapers to him...he usually corrects my Arabic and makes fun of the way I read...I miss going with my mom to the grocery store and talking about random things...I miss our little trips to the mall...I honestly never thought I will miss them this much already!
Their visit made me realize how close I got to them and I discovered things I never knew about them before. Time has passed me by and I haven’t realized how much I missed out on their lives and I’m not planning to miss anymore…I want to be home more than ever in my life for my family…I want to be there when they need me…because I know how much they need me now…I will do my best to be back and I promise them and I promise myself I won’t spend more time away from them again.

But you know after saying all the sentimental stuff I said...I still will need my space when I get back home...hahahaha I just hope I will get it!

ay girl, i hear ya well. Don't be so attached to them when you come one because you might forget your self and end up being only with them, this is what happened to me. There is nothing wronge about it, but then you will realize how much you miss being your age.

I hope your dad left with higher spirit and better health.

I realized something recently .. that when we grow older we became more & more attached to our families .. I don't know the explaination for this .. I just see it around me with many people

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Awwww that was really sweet :*
Im sure they miss u too.
I agree with Alia 100%

مثل ما ودعتي اتلاقين .. والحمدالله على سلامة الوالد ... وشعورج طبيعي طالع من القلب .. الله يخليهم لج ويخليج لهم إن شاء الله ..injoy being with them ..
and let them injoy being with u ..
i would kill to have my dad back .. allah yer7omah :(

even the refrigerator will look different I remember when my parents visit I would see stuff that I would never buy from a grocery store onions kizbur fresh jinger .. ect its quite a change when they leave I feel you! Good luck nice blog you got!!

Judy: Rasta baby...don't worry I will always find time for myself no matter what...I just know now I need to spend some lost time with them once I get back inshallah.

and thanks 7abebty he feels better and he couldn't wait to get back home to see his grandson ;)

Alia: it9adgeen Alia I think you're absolutely right...I never been that close with my parents specially my mother..but now it so different...I called 3 times already since they left!

me: hahahahah sorry 7abebty intay adra...bas ma adree ana I only said what my parents said...they took al Qa6reya last year to Germany and they loved it! bas intay abkha9 eb 6ayrankom o eb deertich...allah yesan3 al7aal inshallah :)

DR: Thanks 7abebty :*
I can't wait to be with them again!

الطير الحر: Allah yesalmich 7abebty mashkoora...o I'm sorry about your father :(
3asa allah yekhaleelich alwalda we3yalich inshallah :)

Error: hahahahaha you were so right on the fridge part! I swear I never seen my fridge so full with things! hahahahaha I usually have just some water and milk and that's it!
my dad was joking the last day that they should take everything with them in the fridge! LOL
and thanks dear I'm glad you enjoyed my blog :)

Aww ;)

Allah y3eenech wYsahel 3alaich sis :) I was away from my parents 4 a few months recently and I hadnt realized how much I missed them until I actually got back and saw them.

(Love the way you write btw ;p

bel salama insalla

take your time and enjoy it to the max b4 you come back

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Jella Bellaaaaaa 7yaaaateeeeeee!!!!!!!! I missed you so much!! I dunno bes a7s it's been long time no see!! ;*

Allah y5alleelich your parents..
It's a great thing to realize how close you got to your parents.

A Daughter is a Little Girl who grows up to be a Friend ;)

You’re really awesome girl

sho3or 6abe3i ;*
p.s.post more often bala dala3

FilmGirl: allah yekhaleelich your parents 7abebty..and thank you I'm glad you enjoy the way I write!

mosan: I'm enjoying it to the max babe...thanks ;)

NuNu: I know it does feel like I haven't seen you for a while!

o mashkoora 7abebty :*

Ayya: wallah intay al awesome ya 3asal :*

Hind: hahahaha wala mo dala3! bas I didn't have anything to post about and I was kind of busy too..bas inshallah I will try to post more often :)

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