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How Am I going to get my Krispy Kreme fix? :(

Krispy Kreme stores file for bankruptcy

P.S: How do you like the new look? ;)
thanks to NuNu and Papi :*

Ahhhhh DOUGHNUUUUUT! *Homer simpson style* I want some now!!

Oh and You look gorgeous with the new look ;)

Heyyyy WHY!

I just bought my first Krispy Kremes yesterday and today they report that they're bankrupt am I that bad luck on things?!?!?!?

Oh and btw, this new loook is a thousand times better than the last one, no offense really but its cleaner and tidier and so sexy :P


And Kharafi just bought a huge chunk of the company.


All they need a fat farm and then theyre in business. Make Kuwaitis fat on one side of the road and then turn them skinny again on the other side.

Perfect cash cow!

P.S Whats up with the obesity level here in the Kuwait these days? I cannot imagine its attributed to people having made money in the stock market and now they can all afford food.

Ummm.. Doughnuts and I are not really good friends =/

PS; Looking so gooooooooooooood Jella Bella ;)

Loving the new layout. Very easy on the eyes ;)

ish hal zain? ;)

ps. I told ya I have the power ;*

Neat :)

NO WAY! I love them!

how can they undergo bankruptcy? ah!!

and I LOVE the new look!! Much much better ;**

Hey...hey...whats gOing on ..?? everybo6y gets new lOok...i changed mine too with new name==>>دكانة كلام

its simple & nice .

Krispy Kremes( nibble)!

girrrrl, i start my diet..PLZ..

ومقاطعة المنتجات الامريكية ...ماتهمني السياسة والوطنية ..اكلهم يدمر الصحة والعافية ....

yeah i heard about KK ... i am hurt :( yemkin negdar nitbara3 lohom :p

the blog is looking good ;)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh !!!!

No more Krispy Kreme :( 7asafaaaa

the new look is "WOOOOW" 7adda 3ajeeeeeeb :) khoosh makeover :P

Love the new look
I had trouble reading from the old look
oh am a dunkin donut fan Lol!

I'm sooo sad about krispy kreams!
The best doughnut shop has gone bankrupt!!!

im looovin the new look! simple & clean

..oo KK hasnt shut down here, so now u have no excuse not to come visit me up north! yallah 3azmetich :D

I don't know. I never had any loyalty to one kind of doughnut. I like Krispy Kreme. I usually chomp on it in the car when I got those damn things from the convenient drive-through and in five minutes they're gone.

Maybe they should have a "low-carb you-know-we-are-bullshitting-you" menu.


somethin went wrong with my X blog ..dont know what ..!? anyway ..im in here now..try to figure my new URL.. :)..& will receive the last 100 Krispy Kremes..!!

Donuts aren't my cup'a'cake but I have to admit that KK is the best donuts I've ever tasted. So juicy.

And I love the new look.




agool 7ajia yummy, i'll be in NYC on the 31st, if you can .. lets meet.

Interesting blog
Check out ours:

Sorry it took me a while to reply but I have been really busy lately! :)

Cuteberry: hahahaha welcome to my blog and I love the Simpsons...and you're gorgeous walla ;)

Jacqui: yal gobessa!!!! LOL
I'm kidding...I know I love the new look 7abebty Papi and NuNu they hooked me up ;)

Entrepreneur: Welcome to my blog first of all and I didn't know the Khrafi bought chunk of the company! interesting.

P.S: I haven't been home for a while now and from what I hear people are more health conscious oh yeah..I'm not sure if you noticed or not this blog is plus size friendly :P

NuNu: you should be friends with KK and then you'll appreciate it ;P

Toomz: thanks 7abebty :D

Papi: intay alzain killa ;)

Shurouq: Thank you 7ayatee :D

Shopa: I KNOW!! And I'm in love with my new look Papi 7abebty she made it all happen ;)

me: hahahahah sorry about your diet ;P
and I live in the states fa ma agdar aga6e3 wala abee aga6e3..a7eb al americans ;)

Laialy: tadreen the closest KK to us now is in Las Vegas :(
and thanks 7abebty..I love the new colors ;)

Warda: 7ada 7asafaa! :(
and I love the make over too ;)

Orange Juice: Thanks 7abebty I love how sexy my blog is now ;)
and dunkin donut sucks :P

Phoenix: heyaaaaa Phoenix in the house! hahahhaha I live in the city of Phoenix ;)
welcome to my blog dear and I'm sad too about Krispy Kreams! :(

Junoony: 7abebtyyyyyy walla sorry adree inny ga63a bas you gotta send me your numbers again tara I lost them :(
and I'm glad you like the new look babe ;)

Erzulie: exactly! that's what they should've offered to the low carb freaks!

(13): good luck! :)

Hanan: I don't eat doughnut often but I do crave them from time to time...I can't believe I won't get my fix when I need it LOL ;)
and thanks I love my new look too...ma ga9art Papi walla ;)

Chai-7aleeb: exactly the was one of the main factors for the bankruptcy and I swear if they only thought about it little and tried to offer some sort of low carb doughnut (even though if it wasn't really low card) I mean I can't imagine why they didn't think of alternatives! :(

Judy Abbott: hahaha thanks 7abebty...hathee barakat papi o nunu walla ;)
oh you'll be in NY wansa!! I wish I could make it walla bas I have school and I don't have the money! :(
intay 7ayach zorney eb Arizona ;)

Her: Thanks dear, welcome to my blog and I will check yours soon inshallah :D




Chubby Femme: Why are you laughing? haaaaaaaaa? :P

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