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Lover Boy ;)

Hi, my name is Bu-Es3ayed a.k.a Leo

That's me when I was a cute kitten, I was adopted by Jelly Belly from the Animal Shelter when I was 3 months old.

I love to climb, I think I'm Spiderman!

I still think I'm Spiderman :P

sa3at a7e6 nafsee eb mawagef baykhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

That's my ex-girlfriend, Svetlana...she was a hot Russian blue...things got hot and heavy between us!

See What I mean?

e7im...3aib :P

Meet my new gal...Kimberly...she's a bit fiesty but she's the new flavor of the month ;)

Oh did I mention that they jump into Jelly's balcony to come and visit me!
Poor Jelly Belly...she gets a surprise visit from different cats...hahahahaha..that's what she gets for having a sexy hunk of a cat like me for a pet ;)

the first pic is of a visionary look in the future ..

very charismatic pose

bu s3ayyed o leo ma yerkab

hehehe fun pics. yetrabba eb 3izzich :)


for all you know.. that cat might be putting together the next Rat Pack of our time!.. anyways, what are you so upset over?! pet reflect their owner's personality:

1) clumsy.
2) social.
3) funny.
4) moody.
5) loves to play HOST.

hehehe I could go on and on about that cat, but i wonder who he takes it from? JB, any of this sounds familiar?


oh and has a thing with FRIGES ! or was that Elvis?

مادري ليش وانا اقرأ الاوصاف .. واشوف شكلة .. خطر على بالي "جارفيلد"

that was so cute and funny
i love the cat i used to have a persian one but once they grow old they become maleegeen
seems yours is better
im getting one of those

I did not understand this post it was full of cats.

What a hilarous post! I lovve it



you can so tell I have a thing for cats don't you, bs what happened to Svetlana?


3ajeebah ilsoorah elle mit3alleg bidereeshah !!!

i dislike cats =S

omg so cuuuuuuuute!

even tho i dont like cats ;P

two words: YOU'RE AMAZING! hehehehe so cute and funny. Love cats!

He’s so cute, I bet he can’t resist my beautiful katkoot meet Ms. K

awwwww thats so cute, i totally hate cats but this was so sweeet hehehe

LOL!!! 7abeebeeeeee Bu-s3ayed is going at it ;P

Heheh, I couldn't resist coming back for another peak. He has such character :P

hahahhahahahahahhaha cute kitty kat!

nice story 2!

You pimp him out don't cha :P

What a sweet face!

cute car ... cute post ...
bu-es3ayed is lucky to have you jell-bell

الله يخلليلج ياه وتشوفينه معرس

aya jeleel il 7ayah bu es3ayed!
rooosiya ha!

For me the most funny part was about "a hot Russian Blue" :P

Who chose that name for her? Svetlaaana :)

intay wainechhhhhhh??

Deef: hahahaha he loves to pose for the camera ;P

o he has two names wa7ek Kuwaity o wa7ed Amerikee :P

Flam: Mashkoora 7abebty :*

Tinker: I knowwwwwwwwwwww :D

Chubby: hmmmmmm weddy ared 3aleech bas I better not :P

Lil_Alien: hahahahah ee ee fee booha mina ;)
and he could be lazy at times just like him ;)

Midnight Madness: hahahahaha walla my friend has two persian cats..they are maleegeen...o shayfeen 3omerhom ba3d!! when you do get a cat make sure it's a male cat because I noticed they are more playful than females ;)

Purgy: yes yes purgy we know you can only understand post about Penguins ;P

Jewaira: hahahaha I'm glad you love it babe :*

Sponta: hahahahaha...yes I could tell...my friends laugh every time I call Bu-Ess3ayed Kalab..they'll be like it's a cat you know!
wala Svetlana ma gamat tyee 3indena we ekhtefat min al complex...I wonder if she moved out ;)
MC: waay sektay...kharab alshatter mal al balcoona..9ar dob ishmetena o lel7ain yet3alag bel windows! LOL

Snookie: hahahaha my baby is the cutest...and cats grow on you seriously...give them a chance ;)

Shopa: two words: THANK YOU :*
and I love that you love cats ;)

Ayya: ooh mama...she's a sexy thing ;)
hahahahahaha...and I love the name...katkooooot :D

Princess: hahahahaha..you can't hate cats!! they are soooo loveable and they have character ;)

NuNu: hahahahaha maskeen he thinks he's a sex machine! LOL

Jewaira: hahahahhahaha...7abebty you can come back as much as you want..and I can't blame you...he has that affect on people ;)

ananyah: hahahahah I don't need to pimp him out...al7abeeb emthabe6 3omera ;)

Christina: I loveeeeeee his funny face...isn't he the cutest? ;)

Hanan: cute reply ;)
and Jell-Bell is lucky to have friends like you :*

Alia: ya ba3d 3omery mashkoora...bas 7abebe ma yegdar ye9air me3eres because e7im...he's neutered so 7abebe can't be a me3eres me3eres! LOL

Junoony: hala o ghala...wainich? why aren't you posting?! haaa?
o sheftay ishloon waldana emwala3 bel roseyaat..ma yenlam big blue eyes ;)

Sever: hahahahahha well she was a hot Russian Blue...hahahaha...I chose the name for that cat because I had a teacher who had big bright blue eyes and I don't know why I just decided to name the cat after my teacher! ;)
oh an welcome to my blog dear :D

Chubby: Kaniiiiiii :P

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