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I met a fan!

I got a call from a friend of mine to come over and meet her friend who was visiting from Dubai...I went over to meet her and she was very quiet and shy at the beginning...and being the talker that I am, I started chit chatting about different things…then all of the sudden the quiet shy girl asked me “Are you Jelly Belly?”
I was shocked because I never thought I would meet someone who reads my blog...well technically I know of some girls here who read my blog but they never told me they do...but this girl is actually a fan! LOL
She told me she has been reading my blog for the past year and she was excited to meet me...she told me she feels like she's meeting a celebrity!! Me? Celebrity? Wow...what an ego boost...hahhahahaha
I kind of felt weird because she knows me now personally but then I thought to myself…it’s not such a bad thing!
When I started blogging I wanted to be anonymous but I blogged about my life and I posted pictures of myself…sooner or later people will know who I am…now some family members read my blog…some of my close friends read my blog…and now I met a fan! Wow!
Blogging has been a blessing in my life so far! I met wonderful people…and “R” when you read this you are one of those wonderful people…I hope will stay in touch and you should start your own blog and stop being a floater ;)

That's me and my blogger fan "R" ;)


I know what you mean .. when I started I thoughyt only the close to me will know mosan ,,, but then it became a domino effec.. ppl coming to me in gatherings asking me are you mosan I couldnt say no cuz its my nick...

and by the way I a fan too

how was your weekend

jelly belly

i hope you wont start censoring your posts now =(

wow! wanasa
is she a blogger too?

ps. Aham shay illaq6a lol
3asal intay 3asla

I am a fan too!

Of course you're a celebrity...did you forget you won the sexiest blogger award!!!!

Honey, you have fans everywhere!..:)

There are more blog readers than one might think!

Lucky her!! I wanna meet you as well.. Hefffft!! =/

المشكله ان انا هم اعرفج .. بس انتي ماتعرفيني

I'm a fan
& I wanna meet you too

mosan: Honey, I'm a fan of yours! I remember your blog was one of the 1st blogs I read back in 04 ;)
and you're still going strong...just promise me you won't disappear again because I wuv reading your posts :*

mc: hahahahha me censor? naah I don't think I will ever do that...even though more and more people I know personally have been reading my blog...I will stay me..good old Jelly Belly ;*

Papi: No she's not a blogger YET ;)
but she reads a lot of blogs and I think she should start her own!

ee and the picture we did it that way instead of erasing our eyes like I usually do with pics...LOL

Shopa: ba3d 3omery mashkoora...I'm a fan of your blog as well! I have been reading yours since you first started babe :*

MissCosmo: hahahahha 7abebty thank you! I totally forgot I was voted sexiest blogger ;)
yes I am a celebrity! wow...ok ok I better stop before it really gets to my head! LOL

3baid: it9adeg el3obed..when I first started blogging I thought only the people who commented in my blog were my readers...bas as time goes by I realized I have more "silent readers" and I'm really happy that they enjoy reading my posts even though if they don't comment ;)

NuNu: 7ayatee intay...you know I wanna meet my favorite red head ;)

LilAlien: hmmm how do you know me..let me guess through your Alien powers? hahahahaha...la wala jad I'm curious do you really know me? ;)

Alia: ba3d 3omery 3alooya akeed I would love to meet you...ma it9adgeen ishkether 7abebty...inshallah soon :*

Beautiful ladies :)
I am your fan too!

اي اعرفج :)

7elfay! tawich tadren?
you are a celebrity
and i am a huge fan!! :*

Awwwww how cute!
Ya 7ilooooha JBatna :** mwa

Jewaira: Thank you 7abebety :*
coming from you that means a lot...and I'm always happy to see your comments in my posts because I swear I feel like you really care and it means the world to me :***

Lil Alien: Wallah?! ishloon? al7een shefokik min as'elty?! LOL

Hind: 7abebety mashkoora :*
3ad a celebrity! don't say that tara walla it will get to my head! LOL

DR: ya 7elwich intay wallah ;**

This blog does not allow anonymous comments.

bribing me into settin up my own blog ha? adre fech yal 3ayara.. well i did it.. it'll grow inshallah bs shway shway 3alai!

missin u & ur 4am sowalif :*

Ps- LOL @ ur post!

ana ma 7ibbich :P

"BEOBLE" Meet my fan ;)
hahahahaha 7abebty I miss you too and I'm so happy that you've decided to start your own blog ;)

oh ba3th alnass are jealous and they want me to write a post about them ;P LOL

Don: 3adaaaaaaaaaaaaal ilee yesm3ik ana amoot 3ala dabadeebik "korraaaaaaaaah" LOL ;P

*waves* Hi BEOBLE! ;) lol

oh ba3th il nas khal yi3arfon shino y3ni BLOG.. ba3dain yigolon they want a post about them! lol


PS, sheelay the word verification please :(

Junoony: hahahaha again babe it's so nice seeing you commenting and having your own blog...I can't wait to see what you'll post ;)

Don: hmmmmm afakir ;P

ur tempting me to start a straight blog :) maybe i'll have fans if they didn't know the truth of my sexual orientation. love ur blog, i don't blame ur cute fan :)

L's brain: First of all welcome to my blog dear...and I'm glad you like it :D
I wanna tell you one thing that I'm sure you already know...always stay true to yourself...gay or straight it doesn't matter...always be YOU and believe me once you're happy with who you are and comfortable in your own skin...people will admire you for that :)

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