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Happy 4th of July...

fire works like every year but for some reason the excitement wasn't there this year!

the only consolation I went with a friend and it was her first time to be in the states during 4th of July...it was nice :)

cheers I'm glad you enjyed it

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jb 7abebti sorry to hear about your father.enshalah ekoon a7san al7een, 6amnena

سلام..اخيرا لقيت واحده شبهي ...كلبوزة يعني ...حلوة مدونتك ..وتعجبني صراحتك وخصوصا عرض الصور...جدا قريبه انتي من الناس ..وانا اكتشفت مدونتك من شهر وقريت كل الي فيها ..بس الشئ العجيب اني ما ورد على اي كلام عن الكلبزة..؟؟شكلك مرتاحه يا بختك انا عندي معاناة كبيرة ...عموما ...حبيت ابدي الاعجاب ..سلام

I think you know Nour, did you take Nour?

mosan: Thanks babe..I enjoyed a little...as I said it wasn't like every year :)

momo: w'salam

Hind: 7abebty wallah..al7emdallah ehowa a7san..bas we still have the good and bad days o allah kareem inshallah :)

momo: 7ayallah ahal al Do7a...wallah 7abebty thank you 3ala the sweet things you said about my blog and about me...tara 7abebty it's all about self-esteem...it took me a long time to get over all the negative comments and I still have to face those sort of comments on my daily life bas you know what god created us in different shapes and sizes...we can't all be a size 0? besides women with curves are more sexy ;)
so please don't be hard on yourself and learn how to accept the beautiful you..ok? :)

PhotoFlow: Hey girly it has been a while...how is Tucson?
I know Nour but it wasn't her who I took to watch the fire works it was someone else :)

God i miss 4th of july in the usa with the amazing barbecues and fireworks and everything else:) glad you had fun :)

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Tucson is HOT! Hows phnx?


Spicy Pepper: Welcome to my blog first of all and you know what this 4th of July wasn't that fun...I mean most of my friends were not here and we didn't have our BBQ this year :(

me: I will check it out inshallah :)

PhotoFlow: hahahahaha usually Tucson is cooler than Phoenix so you could only imagine how hot it is here :(

NuNu: :*************

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