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I met a blogger!!

Earlier this month I met a fan of my blog and that was a wonderful experience and I finally had the pleasure of meeting a blogger that I admire and respect a lot...it was really nice meeting that blogger in person and I honestly never expected that blogger to be as friendly and so easy to talk to...that blogger is the first blogger that I meet in person and I can't wait to meet some of you when I get back to Kuwait inshallah :)

interesting choice of template ;)

I want details

ow ba3dain ish hal ghaiba?

Wanasa! reminds me of the first blogger I met .. nice experience o quality hang out time.

3o'baal maa we meet you .. come to Kuwait in x-mas let's see you.

O post more often will ya?

yo whats up its has been a while ... I was hoping I'll be your 1st (loooooooool) just kidding... cant wait

its a great feeling indeed..

i don't think i can make it to your place, thats why i asked in the 1st place, well hope to see you in KW :*

Hehehe.. You keep on saying "that blogger" so we can't figure out if it's a she or a he! Ya 7elwich!! Hehe ;P

Purgyyyyyyyy it's been a while since I saw you here in my blog! and the template work goes all to Papi..she did all the work ;)

Papi: hahahahha u want details...we talked and talked and talked about the blogging world and life in general ;P

o il ghaiba shasawee 7abebty..wala ma tetkhaylain how busy I was the past couple of weeks!

Deef: It is a great experience...o I can't wait to meet you and other bloggers in Kuwait..bas I'm not so sure if I could make it during x-mas break...but I'll do my best :D

mosan: LOL...honey you'll be "1st" in Kuwait ;P

Judy: inshallah we'll meet up in Kuwait..sorry babe I can't make it to NY even though I would've love to bas school have already started..plus mako floos ;)

NuNu: ya 7elwich intay walla :*

how cool.. can we meet too ? :)
I love to meet a fellow blogger for the first time ba3ad ;) hhehehe

Chubby: LOL intay lazem testagbleenee bel ma6aar o la tensain alnoon ;)
I miss you babe :****

I knew blogger before i became a blogger my self
does that counts ?

did you talk about me? :P

astaqbelech bil ma6aar?? naa'aa babe.. I will be hosting your "welcome home " party till you get your A** here.. heheheh

Midnight madness: First of all welcome to my blog ;)
and I guess it could count..but if that's the case the blogger I met recently is technically is my second LOL
because I was introduced to blogging by my best friend who happens to be a blogger ;)


Chubby: 7ayatee wallah :**
I want a big party with a lot of hot guys LOL ;)

I met up with some blogerettes twice. Once it was a big group and once it was just me and one girl. Both cases it was uncomfortable at first but pretty soon it felt like I was sitting with people I had known for a long time. We were cracking up and everything. Glad you had a positive experience too :)

your blog is on my favorites ib explorer...eheh Like the way u write;p haveeeee fun...o take care

1001 Nights: Yeah al7emdallah it was a positive experience and I hope if I get the chance to meet some other bloggers back home...it will be just as pleasent ;)

oh welcome to my blog by the way :D

Forever79: Thank you so much for your flattering words!! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog :D

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