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I confess...I'm hooked!

When my mom was here, she was happy that I have mbc so she can watch her Mexican telenovela Rubi I wasn't that thrilled to watch it but I had no choice since it was on!
hahahahaha and now I'm kind of hooked to see what will Rubi do next ;)

aaaah those mexican shows... it seems endless & its kinda funny when you see a hot blond girl shouting in Arabic, "Josaif... ana lan aqbal bi hathihi almo3amala" & "Josef" would reply, "Isma3eeny ya Maria... ana aasif, wa lakin thoghoo6 al7ayat la3anat khairy" :p

Lol Bo Ghazi!

Jelly Belly,
Back in 1990/1991, while 'trapped' in NC, I remember watching lots of MTV, CNN, CBN, and Mexican channels for their soap operas.

And no, I don't know the language.

omg your a rubi fan as well watching her every move...just like my sis she cant continue the day without watching the eposide; she even cares to watch the reruns later on in the evening...but i do believe its ending next week....personally i liked the mexican show "my three sisters"

اخوتي الثلاث

LOL my friends were talking about it the other day & said it was quite good, cuz the heroin was evil for the first time, usually their heroins are always jameelat faqara min ilshari3 y9er fehom amnesia & get lost & fall in love with a sexy poor guy, while her (rich) first love is waiting for her night & day....need i continue?

I stopped watching after "An6onella" & "Cassandra" hehehehe

LOL @ Bo_Ghazwa!! =D

I used to watch mexican shows, specially Thalia's! She's gorgeous!

DR, OMG Antonella! OMG That's like sooooo old! Hehehehehe I remember watching it with Grandma and Auntie LOL! And Auntie had a picture of her and I think it was Nicolas on the back of her bedroom door before she got married LOL! I practically watched alod, I remember Guadalupe, Maria Mercedes, Marimar, My Three Sisters, My Secret Love, and lots lots more LOL! Don't ask why or how or when LOL blame grandma!

Oh yeah and Jelly Belly does your mom ignore everyone in the room when it starts? I mean seriously hehe my grandma doesn't answer anyone, even if you're dying there LOL

Bo_Ghazi: LOL allah ye`3arbel ebleesik ya Bo-Ghazi mawateny min althe7ik...you know I pictured you acting "Josaif" in a pure Kuwaiti accent ;P

Shurouq: Sun-shine..7abebty..hahahaha I love watching Univision and all the Mexican channels...they have really funny showes and they love to have fun..wana methlich ma afham shay bas ham astaness 3aleehom ;)

Your Battlefield: hahahahahaa, yes I admit I'm a Rubi's fan! ;)
and don't tell me what happens because you guys are ahead in episodes (I checked with mom) LOL

DR: Hahahahaha that's the beauty of the show..she's so conniving and evil...I love it ;)
o shakhbaree Antonella!! I used to love watching it...hahahahaha and I remember a girl in my high school who thought she was Antonella by wearing hats like her and dying her hair blond! LOL

NuNu: I loved Thalia in Maria Mercedes ;)
oh and one of my favorite songs of her in Spanish is Piel Morena ;)

Jacqui: hahahaha ya7leelich ya Jacqui you reminded me of all the shows I watched when I was back in high school LOL (I watched Guadalupe, Antonella, and Maria Mercedes) and yes my mom will completely ignore us when Rubi is on LOL ;)

oh and 7emdallah 3ala al-salama babe and welcome to the U.S ;)


never watched a whole season
mayne 2 or 3 episode then I get bored

now... i can't stand it even for a minute

Alia: hahahahaha...I honestly thought I'm over these kind of shows! but I got hooked again...and you know the beauty behind these shows? you can miss 20 episodes and you can still catch up! LOL

لاااااااااااااااا !!!

حتى هني ؟؟ زوجتي ذبحتني بهالمسلسل .. مره كنت بطالع شي على قناة ثانيه .. قتلها شكثر باقي عليه ويخلص؟؟ قالت لي:5 دقايق .. قتلها: ما اقدر اقولج غيريه الحين لأن بهالخمس دقايق .. واحد ينام مع خدامتهم اللي بعدين تطلع اخته .. وجدتهم تييب ياهل .. وزوج بيت جيرانهم ينخطف .. والمخرج تدعمه سياره .. وروبي تفقد الذاكره

Lil Alien: LOL...chenick saweeta film Hindy akthar min mosalsal Mexikee? ;P

I watched Maria Mercedes for a while on LBC It was so so funny it made me laugh ... at 1st I thought how silly untill 1 day I was so bored I was forced to watch it .. Its silly to the extend of funny

LOL @ bo_ghazi

jelly belly .. mom does that to me ALL the time (egyptian ones though)!! the problem is, it only happens when im totally busy with school and actually mom lose her interest in that show .. while i'm still hooked till the last episode of that series =p


I guess you're missing mama :)

tara raa7 a7in.. sheelay el W.V. ya bint..

Mosan: hahahahaha ee yabeela 6olat bal hal mosalsalat…but as I said you can miss 20 episodes and you can still catch up ;)

MC: hahahahaha don’t even start weya almosalsalat al ma9erya ;)

Chai-7aleeb: yeah it sort of brought us closer together ;)

Ayya: I do miss her a lot :(

Don: hahahahaha yal 7anna…I told you afakir ;P

umm.. hello?vmjsz

the "vmjsz" was for the word verification

sheleeh please, tara ana asheela you know I have the POWER

PaPi: LOL intay o Don 7anna 3al hal word verification...ehowa 7an 3ashan a7e6a wa al7een ye7en 3ashan asheela!
Papi if it's bothering you this much sheeleeh :P
hahahahahha you do have the power ;)


i'm sorry if i think this way, but.. i think Rubi is evil. she scares me. honestly. anyway, the best telenovela i've watched is Yo Soy Betty La Fea.

i`m hooked on Rubi and i`m at the point where alejandros gonna marry with Sonia , and Rubi asked divorce from Hector, does rubi interups sonias wedding like she did with maribel or what? i am desperate to know..... SOMEONE PUT ME OUT MY MISERY AND TELL ME

nisa: w'salam...welcome to my blog first of all and I love how evil Rubi is...hahahahah that's the beauty of the show :)

victoria: hahahahahaha welcome to my blog dear and I'm not gonna spoil it for you because there a lot of events that will unfold in the coming episodes ;)

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