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Surviving is the word I use a lot these days when someone asks me how I am doing. well, I have to say the past week has been one of the toughest weeks of my life...my dad went through surgery and al7emdallah it went ok but he is still recovering from it...he might need to do more surgeries which has been really hard on the family...my brother came over to help me out because my parents felt sorry for me trying to handle doctors appointments and school...yes I admit it was hard but I felt I could handle it...you see me and my brother always had a very difficult relationship...we are totally the opposite from each other and it is hard for the both of us to understand one another...since he came we had 2 major fights...I tried my best to let it go but I'm no longer that teenage girl who is afraid from her older brother...don't get me wrong I respect the fact that he is older and I love him but what bothers me the most that he doesn't realize I have changed...I'm not the same person anymore...he can't assume that I will listen to whatever he says...and the thing that bothers me the most is my mother always siding with him...no matter if he was wrong or not...she'll always say "ma3aleeh hatha okhich al ekbair" 3ala 3ainy o rassy okhy al ekbair but come on! I know I sound like a whining baby but honestly I need to vent out some how or I'm going to lose my mind!
I just hope things between us will get better because dad is going through a rough time and the last thing he wants to see us bickering and fighting over stupid stuff!

Oh yeah, I noticed my brother has been reading blogs lately...mostly the political ones bas hehehehe allah yaster shakla he'll discover my blog pretty soon!

Bro if you read this....I love you but please give me a break!

I hope things get better with your brother.. sometime family are hard to deal with it. I also hope your father feels better soon inshalla :)

well.. he is the action plan


heheheh kidding.. la 7abeebti listen, you know what I went though with my bro. My god I almost gave up my schooling and returned to kuwait. he gave a new definition HARASSMENT.

hell WILL break loose.. things are going to bad.. and elevate to WORSE...

but at the end.. they will get better.. much better.. much smoother.. and before you know it.. all the tention and resistance will wither away..

he will come to respect the person you are today ( and believe me you ARE a great person, I know.. I saw the change in your personality!)

you too will appreciate his over-protectiveness and stubborness..

either that or you will just get used to it.. I cannot decide which is which..

hold on .. you are on a difficult ride.. but like always.. all rides come to an end..

waaay 7addi tefalsaft..

consider it food for thought..

Ma eshoof shar 3ammi.. I will call you soon to check on him.. our prayers with you all..


1. ma yshouf shur il baba ow allah ygawma bil salama :)

2. We had this talk about your bro

3. Does he read my blog?

4. is he hot?

Salamt you dad darling..It takes a strong person to be well..strong lol..

About your bro..Smack him on the head..No wait he is older and arab..So he'll probably smack you back..Have a heart to heart mushy talk..Use reverse psychology cherie..

I passed by, honked, and said hi.

ma yshoof shar el-walid

ajr o 3afia inshallah


الحمدالله على سلامة الوالد
وإن شاء يقوم لكم بالسلامة بأسرع ما يكون

although i don't have an older brother .. I know exacetely what u mean .. i hate it when people say he's the older one so he's gotta know better ... NO PEOPLE .. that's not true

bas sij u need to forget all about that for the sake of your father .. just pospone it for a while ..

1- slamat I know your dad will be better
2- now I know why judy garland
3- I know what you mean abt your brother... I the parants are to blame. othrewise he wouldnt act like that with someone super like you
4-i'm here 4 u anytime

now for mosan's sake smile


I feel terrible for not passing by to ask about your dad earlier.

The only excuse I have is how we're all caught up in the coming elections these days..
We'ygoom bissalama elwaled

Love you :*
And do smile fo Mosan's sake

1. your "babaty" ma eshoof shar

2. talk about brotherly love hehehe i only got 2 brothers ;)

ma yshoof shar il walid !!

i know what you mean about your brother ... sometimes they just get on your nerves but they'll always love you and be there for you even if they dont show it .

Photoflow: I hope so too dear...right now I'm trying to avoid confrontation with him!
o ameen :)

Chubby Femme: 7abebty I know you've been in my situation and you understand it's hard! bas I can't wait for things to get better...honestly I'm sick of bickering.

1. Alshar ma eyeech 7abebty.
2. We sure did.
3. I don't know if he does but I know he reads sa7at al9efat and Shurouq's blog ;)
4.He's married :P LOL

Lilacs: hahahaha we don't do any smacking in the house :P
but will have the heart to heart talk inshallah ;P

Deef: hala wala ya e3yoni :)

Idip: Alshar ma eyeek dear :)

Alia: allah yesalmich 7abebty o ameen.
It's our society lel asaf..older means knows better! and I hate that bas don't worry babe I'm getting better in terms of dealing with my issues with my brother...o allah kareem inshallah :)

1. Allah yesalmik dear..we inshallah allah yesam3 minik.
2. yeah, I was in that mood!
3. Thanks dear, I'm trying my best to get along!
4. Thanks dear for your support :*


Shurouq: 7abebty sun-shine you don't have to apologize for anything! I totally understand and I'm proud of all your work in the elections :***

1. Alshar ma eyeech 7abebty.
2. I have only 2 brothers too :)

mother courage: Alshar ma eyeech 7abebty
I know he loves me, I never doubted that wallah...I just hope we communicate better :)

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