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مبارك عليكم الشهر

Since Ramadan started....I have been craving sweets/desserts/حلو
so ilee sha6er eb sowalif al7elo...please post/email me your recipes...I want something easy to prepare...wa shukran ;*

P.S: I love you too Chubby Femme! ;*

-buy any kind of cake or muffin you like ( white and dark - chocolate and vanilla) cut it in cubes

- 1 bar of sneakers cut in cubes too

- your favorite ice cream (if you like it chocolaty, then chocolate, or vanilla depends on your taste)

mix everything together and add some dark chocolate powder on top, and bon appetite

Next year you will enjoy it here hopefully.

layer saralee pound cake.. then your favorite vanilla ice-cream.. and for the magical touch..

get fresh ripe mangos.. cut out the flesh in chunks.
and frozen mango.. and a packet of creamcaramel mix.. and a box of gaimar.. and powderred sugar

blend the frozen mango, caramel mix, a big ot powderred sugar, and gaimar.. it turns into a sauce.. then add the fresh mango chunks..

keep the cake coverred with ice-cream in the freezer and the mango sauce in the fridge... when ready to serve just pour the sauce on top o id3eeli.. ;)

if you want arabic sweets let me know. a36eech recipes ba3ad.. you still remember how to make gir9 3gaili ? ;) hahahaha remember when i sent you some by fed/ex?? walla kinna raheeen :)

ok i got you another easy to do dessert,

1) Buy angel hair rice pasta from any japanese store, fry it. Then cut in in small round circules, add some philadelphia cheese, then put another round of the fried angel hair then add honey on top or sheera if you have.
decorate with some pistachio and cashew nuts.

This is my ghorba version of Kanafa~!

2) this is delicioso.. get toast "regeeeh 7ashan yaseer eskheef, dahneeh eb philadelphia cheese, then role the toast squars (they'll look like tinny swiss rolls) then fry them and when they cool down add some sheera o bil hana wal shefa.

3) buy puff pastry, fill it with your favorate jam (recommended peach or strawberrys) close it, bake them and bon appetite.

Judy: 7abebtyyy Thank you for all the recipes!!
I liked the first one...it sounds easy and yummy but I'm not so sure about the philadelphia cheese desserts! because I could only imagine philadelphia cheese on bagel...but thanks 7ayatee so much :*****

Purgy: INSHALLAH...I'm sick of spending Ramadan away from home...I honestly can't remember the last time I spent Ramadan with my family :(

Chubby: Waaaaaaaay wana agraaa 7assait inny bazfich! ma chenich darasstay eb America...Honey where can I find fresh good tasting mangos in the States? TELL ME??
Please 7abebty I want other recipes :*

YES I Remember you sending ger9 al 3gaily 7ag ghairy and when I got jealous ta36aftay 3alay and you sent me some :P
hahahahahaha in fact I'm gonna do some for Fu6oor today with gahwa 3arabeya :)

get cornflakes ily nafs frosties bas bidoon sugar coated! o 7i6eh ib a bowl alone o kasreeeeeh small small .. then get vanilla icecream aw chocolate o roll it bser3a bil cornflakes..then 7i6eeh ib a pan with frying oil .. lama it fries bas ishwaya mo ye7terig.. then put caramel sauce aw choc. and VOILA my dear uve made urself FRIED ICECREAM;p

tawni ashoof il I LOVE YOU TOO :*

Forever79: WOW! that sounds easy! I will try it and let you know...thanks 7abebty :*

Chubby :**

trust me the phili. is very licious.

Judy: I will trust you and try it 7abebety :*

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