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New Years @ Las Vegas

There was a sea of people you couldn't walk because it was so crowded.

The fire works behind Treasure Island was so beautiful.

That's me, looking so lovely ;P

And here are some of video clips I took...enjoy ;)

The count down video clip
Click here to watch 'New-Year-2006-06161'

People dancing on the street video clip
Click here to watch 'New-Year-2006-055'

OK I have to go and wear my Penn State T-Shirt and get ready for the game (college football) my old school is playing against Florida State...
so to all Penn Staters fans...WE ARE PENN STATE ;)

Happy New Year!
Looks like you had a lot of fun :]

wish i was there :)

Yah cute and Penn state won :)

3baid: Happy New Year, it was a lot of fun :)

a daydreamer: I wish you were there too :)

Purgy: I knowwwwwwww I was so happy...it was a close game...3rd over time and I was screaming...I'm glad that they won for the sake of their coach the great Joe Paterno...it was an awesome game...WE ARE PENN STATE ;)

You are looking good and having fun .. keep up the good work

wish were there too. You looked cute ;P

i'm glad you had that much of fun:)

Allaah New year's in vegas :( I did it for 2004!


mosan: Thanks hon, and you know I will keep on rocking ;)

Shopa: I wish you were there too babe...it would have fun to have a girls night out ;)

Rimyoleta: Thanks babe :)

Jandeef: Believe it or not this was my first New Year at Vegas and I have been wanting to celebrate New Years in Vegas for years and no one wanted to go along but finally this year I got the hotel and told my friends I'm going and whoever wants to come along are welcomed and it worked ;)
and it was FUN FUN FUN...Crazy kind of FUN ;)

sounds like fun.. and you look so nice in the picture.

Glad you made some good memories JellyBella

Although, out of loyalty to my alma mater, i should hate paterno (notre dame/penn state!), i must say, he's amazing! congrats on the win! :) and happy new year

(akh 3ala treasure island! that and the venetian are my favorite hotels in vegas! 3laich bil 3afya)

Flam: It was a lot of fun and thanks babe :*

Jewaira: I'll never forget that night ;)

MSB: ahaaaaaaaaa bint Indiana? good school...I've noticed you're into sports...high five to ya ;)

and my favorite hotel is Treasure Island too...I just love it :)

hey babelette how goes it??? glad u had a nice new years mine was fairly uneventful but pleasant miss u much but dont wish u were here ( only cuz i see u more often in the states) we gotta figure out a visit soon mayseer a year passes and i havent seen ur pretty face im tryin to get trav to come out to az with me hehehe once again miss ya luv ya oh and habbi eid in advanced

*ur too cute. I wish you a GREAT YEAR for you and your family :)

Q8BL: Hey baby girl, Happy New Year...I would love it if you and Trav came and visit...I miss you babe :*

waterlilie: Thanks honey :*

yes, bint indiana.. but i must clarify, i'm a boilermaker not a hoosier!!! :)

MSB: OK Miss Purdue ;)

love your hair!

PhotoFlow: it's getting really long now, I had my hair short for 5 years and now, I'm getting used to having it long again...I kind of miss my short hair though but thank you :D

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