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Christmas NBA

One of the great things on Christmas day is NBA games...I'm glued to the TV already...I'm watching San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons...so far 1st quarter Pistons 25 and 16 Spurs...let's go Pistons ;)

and later on today while enjoying a nice Christmas feast at my friends place, I'll be watching the Lakers vs Heat game...I hope the Lakers won't disappoint me like last year...Let's go Lakers :D

WOW!! Invite my cousin to watch!! She LOVES NBA games

Hmm, NBA for Xmas? WHY O WHY!!

Yes ladies watching the game while the Turkey is in the oven :D
mako a7la min chethee ;)

akh ya galby akh.. i miss nfl, nba! :(( sorry, but go spurs for me & go lakers!! :/


Wow this year's tree at your fave lounge looks amazing! Christmas NBA? Unique haha ya7laylich ya Jelly Baby :D Merry Christmas sweets!

MSB: I know I'll be missing the NBA games too once I go back home!
I can't stand the Spurs and I'm so glad the Pistons kicked their ass...hahahahhaha and the Lakers disappointed me again this year...what a shame :(

D'n'G: Hala o `3alah...it's been a while babe..I missed seeing you around here...I'm a big fan of basketball and Christmas is compelete with a nice game of basketball :)
Merry Christmas to you too babe :D

So The Pistons won 85 to 70 for the Spurs.
and the Lakers lost to the Heat AGAIN this year by 97 to 92...
The Lakers lacked chemistery between their players...what a shame :(

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