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X-mass Dinner

I had a wonderful X-mass dinner last night with my friends while watching the NBA games...I was happy that the Pistons won but the Lakers almost made me cry with their loss...anyways here are some pictures I took of my X-mass dinner :)

My friends X-mass tree full of little camels (She's an American who lived in the Middle East and she's obsessed with camels for some reason! LOL)

There was lots and lots of food...we all got so stuffed

Me carving my turkey :D

Yummy, I'm hungry save me a piece with Mashed Potatoes and umm a Bread roll and umm Butter, Mmmmm Yummy!

Okay I'm hungry and this is not helping!

DO I see Hummus?? Yummy

Jelly, luv your beard :*
Merry Christmas ow Happy new year

holy crap WOMAN! YOU can really COOK!!

mashalla mashalla .. allah etammim 3alaich o happy holidays :>

Jelly Belly,

Hey Chica, Feliz Navidad Prospero Ano y Felicidad! I am so glad that your day was filled with good friends and food! I hope this Christmas and All your days to come are blessed with good friends and laughter. And please drink some Egg Nog for me, they dont have any here in Kuwait. :0(


I forgot to say, this is former Corazon Dividido. I changed my name, split personality I guess. :0)

Create PIC :P Your BLOG's PIC not the food :P

Yum the salad is seductive :P
I hope u had a gr8 time :-)

I love the crispy turkey..

btw, how long did it take you to grow that lovely beard?

Merry Xmas to you again :D

JellyBelly that looks wonderful! And the tree is so cute! Wishing you a happy new year :)

The food looks yummy, and it sounds like you had fun. Any mistletoe alerts?

Christmas tree with camels! I actually squealed (I do that sometimes haha) out loud with delight when I saw that :) Cuuute! Shfeenee fa9la 3al Christmas decorations this year? Aku Christmas Tree skirt ib Sultan Center I swear Jelly Baby tana7t 3alayha for a whole 5 minutes before I was dragged away. It was adorable! Ok I'm getting off track again. In regards to the food, ma agool illa 7imdaw rabkum kalaytaw la2ana unfortunately 3ayna 7arra o yimkin la shu3ooriyan a9ikum ib Scud missile translation : food looks delish! You work that beard ;) Latehs chica!

Jackie: hahahahhaa 7abebety I wish I could save you a piece! the food was all gone mashallah by the end of the day! Bas wala yehimich when I get back to Kuwait asawelich Mashed potatoes ;)

Shurouq: Yes Sunshine there was hummus...the food was a mixture of Middle Eastern and Western food ;)
Happy New Year :***

Geo: LOL, Geo trust me you can cook a turkey if you watch the Food network and thanks to their website too...and I swear those oven bags are a genius invention...you just put the turkey in there with all the vegetables and let it cook for the entire day ;)
Happy Holidays to you too babe :*

Mi Vida Loca: Hey sweetie, thanks for your wishes...I hate Egg Nog sorry! But whenever my friends drink it, I’ll think about you ;)
And I like the new nick name :)

Dalalism: Thanks dear and welcome to the blog :)

Babbler: hahahahaha…I grew the beard over night but I shaved it now ;)
Happy New Year sweetie :*

Jewaira: I loved the tree too…Happy New Year honey :*

Q80 Demon: unfortunately I didn’t kiss anyone under the mistletoe and I’m bummed out, but I better have a New Years kiss…LOL ;)

Drunk'n'Gorgeous: LOOOOL, ya 7elwich wallah, you cracked me up I swear, methel ma gelt 7ag Jackie I’ll cook you guys a Christmas dinner when I get back home…cham D’n’G 3indena :***

sweet! I'm hungry now.

love the camels :P

YUMMYYYY!!!! I LOVE TURKEYYYY!!! 3alaikom bil 3afia ;*

PhotoFlow: Come over sometime and I'll cook for you ;)

Blasha: Aren't they lovely? ;)

NuNu: Allah ye3afeech 7abebety :*

halaw jelly belly =)
ya mamiiiiii 3ala ur foooD its so so so mo`3riii specially 4 me Bcuz im a fooD luvr ;* Oo 3aleech eb 1600 3afyaaa Oo teslam ur handz ele sawat hal far5aa loool i mean that kind of deyaya ;Pp

nana: welcome to my blog dear, and thank you so much 7abebty 3ala your comments :D
o dee mish farkha dee deek roomi ;)

Appreciated your info. Thanks and visit us at Christmas Cheer

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