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8th wonder of the world

I finally got the chance yesterday to see the 8th wonder of the world, I have been living in Arizona for a while and whenever someone asks me if I ever visited the Grand Canyon my reply would be no!
I usually get a shocked reaction but the fact that it's 4 and half hour drive it makes me want to say I rather go to Vegas or San Diego...so when I finally told one of my friends I never seen the Grand Canyon, she said ok we are leaving on Friday...so we did and I'm glad I went...it was so beautiful and breath taking...we hiked a little bit (I didn't last for long being an over weight smoker) LOL
here are some pictures I took of our little trip...enjoy :)

we saw a baby deer that we called Bambi

wowwwwwww it looks amazing!

love ur scarf btw loool u look adorable

Wanassah!! I always wanted to go there.

Ananyah: It was amazing :)
and thank you darrrrrling :*

MeWho: If you ever get the chance to see it, you should...it was just absolutely breath taking :)

Cool :)
It always looked like it was hot (because it's reddish) but it's obviously cold when you went there. :P

I am glad you enjoyed it
the Highlights of my trip to Arizona was the hot air ballooning and visiting the Arabian horses stud farms we will see the most fabulous creatures you will ever see .... you should try it

Beautiful. Glad you enjoyed it

wait they're 8 now?!

OH KA MAMBI!!! =~} that cartoon still makes me cry =~{

Your first picture looks like those edited and inserted pictures behind a scene :P

Shoulda' told me to come!

I spent 7 years in Arizona (I was even born there!), but it wasn't until my last year there that I finally bothered with the Canyon.

It really was just a big hole in the ground for me.

How uncultured am I??

Glad you had fun, though :)


looks fantastic.
Glad you had fun

wow... looks amazing!! a freind of mine just got back from there... she still cant stop talking about it!! lol

3baid: actually 3baid usually there would be snow this time of the year but this year we didn't get snow at all!
and the weather is cold almost all year round :)

mosan: I've always wanted to do the hot balloon ride, maybe I will do it some time in the near future ;)
I was also told about the Arabian horses by a girl who used to ride...I will also check it out but I don't think I'll ride because I have a fear from horses...I fell off a horse when I was younger and I guess I never overcame that fear.

Jewaira: I did, thanks babe :)

Spon: hahahahha, that's what people in Arizona like to call the Grand Canyon, the 8th wonder which is kind of silly because if you think of all the other wonders of the world are man made and the canyon is not!

Purgy: well it was edited, I cropped my friends out of the picture :P

Jandeef: wala yehimik if you ever come to visit, I'll take you ;P

SheWrites: Hey Birthday girl, you cracked me up with that comment, one of my friends came along and when we got there he was like I don't get what's all the fuss about the Grand Canyon, it's a hole in the ground...but come on it was a beautiful hole, no? LOL ;)

Judy: Rasta baby it was fun :)

ADayDreamer: I know now I could say to people I saw the Grand Canyon and it was beautiful :)

Nice! Never been ..lookin' good ;) Glad u had fun!

Tequila: Thanks babe, If you ever in the neighborhood let me know so I could show you the hole in the ground ;)

WOW!! Amazing!! O love bambi =D

wanasa! i flew over it twice.. its so cool looking at it from above.. you get to see the different elevations of the inside of the canyon by colors..

When I went to the grand canyon years ago I was in a very shitty mood, as a result I didnt take a single photo. One of my biggest regrets.


ya7lailich, show us that beautiful face girl!

Lilie :)

NuNu: I love Bambi too ;)

PhotoFlow: it's never too late hon, you're still in Arizona and you still can make it, yalla road trip? ;)

Waterlilie: hahahahhaha, I will show you my face one day ;)

Are you sacrificing Bambi for 3eed? hehehehehe

happy murdering kharoof day

Don: 7aram 3alaik...poor little Bambi :P

Papi: LOL, Happy Kharoof day ;)


Flam: it was a wow moment :)

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