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Happy New Year Everybody

Throughout the coming year, may your life be filled with little celebrations of happiness.

Salute to good times, good health, good cheer!

I'm off to Vegas I hope you all have a Happy New Year


Jelly Belly :*

VEGAS!!!!!!!!! lucky U !!!


Girl, you've got the best new year's plan. ENJOY, happy new year.

Happy New Year Jelly Belly!


Happy New Year, JB! Win lots of $$'s and have a wonderful time.

happy new year to you too babe :)
have fun in vegaaaaaassssssss!!
take peectooores!

Happy New Year JB - although in my case and for reasons I might explain later the new year will begin on January 4th ;-))

Oh, and may lady luck smile at you in Vegas. While you are there enjoy a show (Wayne Newton: Thumbs up / Celine Dion: Thumbs - way - down!)

vegas wow! ma kinda girl!! break a leg show them who's the boss! =}

no seriously good luck hehe

happy new year's hon =}

Happy New Year, babe :* and godd luck in Vegas

ViVa Vegas, Happy New Yeaaaaar GIRL (F)
Oo allah y7afthech wherever you are (K)...

GoLDi ...;)

Happy NEw Year Jelly
WAW ... Vegas ... lucky u
Have fun

Vegas? WoW, someone is going all out!!! Happy New Year. Im sure it was a blast...

Lilie :)

Happy New Year 7abeeeeebti ;*


Oh GoD!!
how come you get to do all the fun stuff!!and leave us here :S:S
that's bad :(
Happy newyear to you too dear ;)

Happy new year... wa have fun in VEGAS!!!!!

when do plan on coming back ? happy new year

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Happy New Year Jelly hope you had a wonderful time

Tears: Thanks :)

Shopa: Well if Vegas next door to you, you would've gone too right? ;)
Happy New Year :*

DR: Happy New Year dear :)

Christina: Happy New Year hon..I had a blast in Vegas :)

Fwai7: Happy New Year...thanks dear...I did take a lot of pictures, I'll post them soon

Q80 Demon: Hmmm January 4th New Year? I'm really curious now! so I have one more day of celebrating?

Spon: Happy New Year Sweetie :)

Shurouq: Thanks Sunshine, Happy New Year to you too :*

Goldenyah: Happy New Year 7abebty and thank you :*

Alia: Happy New Year, Thanks babe :)

Waterlilie: It was a blast...Happy New Year :)

NuNu: Happy New Year babe :*

Estech: HNY to you too dear :)

Rimyoleta: I'm sorry! Happy New Year :)

A Daydreamer: Thanks dear, Happy New Year :)

Mosan: OMG!! Welcome back dear, I missed you...please don't disappear on us like that again! What a nice start of the year ;)
I won't be back to Kuwait any time soon...I'll probably be back in the summer ;)

Jewaira: Happy New Year lady J, I had a blast..it was one crazy new year celebration ;)

it took me a while to realize what's on the pic lol..

Happy new year babe

Papi: LOL, happy new year to you too babe :*

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