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Show me the Benjamins ;)

Happy Eid Everyone :*

el3eediya bidollar shar3an la tajooz

3eedich m'barak babe :***

3eedich umbarak Jelly Belly :)

LOOL at shorouq :)
how about al thahab wal fetha!
you gurl..somsing

ayamich sa3eeda J-love :*

e7na en3ayed bil naqat wel atha7ey ;)

I prefer to get these!

Happy 3eed and peace on Earth!

3idich mbarak!


3eedich embaraak i don't want benjamins i want green and orange paper (20 KD)

show me the jabers.. :P lol

3edech Mbarak

kil 3am winti ibkhair o se7a o salameh.. Allah e3eeda 3laich bil khair inshAllah...

3idesh mbarek yaa 7abebti. Wen3ad 3alesh bel se7ah wel3afyah.

3eedich embarak Ms JB :)

HapPpPpPpY Eid :}

3edch embarak o ayamch s3eeda o 3sach et3odein el3eid kel sena bkhair o 3afyah yaaa rb :*

Happy Eid to you too hon =}

Shurouq: hahahahaha, inzain ana rathya bel dinar ;)
3eedich embarak sunshine :*

3baid: 3eedik embarak el3obed :)

Judy: 3eedich embarak rasta baby :*

Q80-Demon: hahahahaha is there such a bill? if there is I want one for 3eedeya please ;D
you know being on a student budget and all ;)
3eedik embarak dear.

DR: ayamich sa3eeda 7abebty :*

Laily: e wala 20 KD 7elween bas ana ma at3amal ila bel 3omla al 9a3ba ;)
3eedich embarak hon :)

snookie: jaber obona min 3omer 3arafana...min 3omer 3arafna...chk chkk chkk..hahahahahha...I had to sing that song...3eedich embarak 7abebty :*

Shopa: ayamich sa3eeda 7abebty :*

MSB: ajma3een 7abebty...3eedich embarak :*

Hussa: ajma3een inshallah, mashkoora 7abebty, 3eedich emabark :*

Bo_Ghazi: ayamik sa3eeda Mr.Bo ;)

QCG: ameen, ajma3een 7abebty, 3eedich embarak :*

Spon: Thanks hon, Happy Eid babe :*

OK "BEOBLE" I didn't see any 3eedeyas yet? :P
I'm a student and I'm broke ;)

Hello JB, and Ayyamich Sa3eedah!

A discussion about the 10,000 dollar bill appeared in the delightful movie “The Mighty Quinn”, which starred the always charming Denzel Washington and the amazing Robert Townsend. I remember watching that movie and telling those around me that what ruined it for me was that I knew of a $100,000 bill - which was intended for use only between federal banks and the treasury? I knew that because the man whose face appeared on the bill remains the only US president who actually held a PhD.

Now, you reminded me of my days as student on a budget. I’m planning a post about that subject ;-))

Q80-Demon: I didn't see that movie, I will check it out soon...did you check the 3eedeya I left you in your blog? ;)

oh and which U.S president held a PhD? hmmm I'll google it ;)

3eeedech mbarak

that cost me to get through ur tough word verification


Kila ma6goog: affa ya3eni no money? :P
3eedik embarak dear :)

kil 3am wi inti a7lah wi as3ad :*

Eid Mubarak hag enta ;*

on the first day of eidd my aunts hubby gave to me 40 beutious KD on the second day of eid i conned my mom out of 10 more but that didnt even goo farrrr ( sort of to the tune of 12 daysof x-mas) heheh speaking of which i carried around a big envelope wid ur name on it n collected ur cashola to but u know?! it mysteriously disappeared?! how bizarre oh well:)
ur loving cousin,
the grinchita that stole 3eed

haha bel3omlah alsa3bah ... 7arakat ;-p

oopss ,,, 3eidech mbarak belated

Ayya: wentay eb 9a7a o salama babe :*

NuNu: Shokereya mama :*

Q8'sBL: LOL, maly shogel we're gonna split the money 50/50 ;)

Mother courage: ayamich sa3eeda belated ;)

happy eid to you too:D

rimyoleta: happy eid hon :*

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