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O Christmas Tree

These are pictures of my favorite lounge...every year they have creative Christmas tree...so here are some pictures of last year and this year Christmas trees..

This year Christmas tree is decorated with plasma balls...isn't cool?

Last year Christmas tree was decorated with Barbies in jars...twisted!

Merry Christmas to all :D
I'm still in the festivus mood :)

el tree's maynoooooooooooooooooooon

Original and crazy tree JellyBelly!
Merry Christmas :)

omg! the barbie tree is crazzzy! it so rocks! how creative is that! bsss poor poor barbie dolls :( lol

take care........*_*


حبيت مالت العام أكثر
كل عام و أنت بخير
صديقتك تقول لك يلا ردي
she feels lonely without u here in Q8

Laialy: hahahhaha yeah they are pretty creative :)

Jewaira: Merry Christmas to you too babe :)

a daydreamer: hahahaha it's creative and twisted at the same time, naked barbies in jars is kind of weird but interesting :)

miyafushi: very :)

nanonano: 7ayallah eb hal 6ala...taw ma nawar al blog...I missed seeing you around wallah...7abebty wallah al wed wedee ared al Kuwait al youm gabel bacher bas allah yesahil omoori inshallah bas intaw ed3oolee :)
o 9adgenee I miss her just as much she misses me...America mo 7elwa bedoonha :)

Merry Christmas darling..I love the plasma balls this year..

Babbler: Merry Christmas hon :)

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