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I've been tagged by the lovely PhotoFlow,
There isn't much about my desktop...it's an old picture of mommy dearest in Om-Kalthoum concert :)

Beautiful :)

Is that U @@, So sweet :)

Woow!! Lucky her!

She looks truly gorgeous

Wow! Totally unexpected :D

Mashalah your Mom is good looking.
Nice picture.

very pretty mashala.

cute chenha doll.. you look a lot like her!

Your mom is very beautiful

lucky her
& lucky is your father too


WOW! I didnt recognize the blog ;p ,, nice new look :} although I have one inny winny tiny note :D the (posted by line) dark colors would be better I think?

Ur mommy etyanen MASHALLAH :D & she looks sooo focused on the concert :> cute Mashallah

look at youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and the new design :D
3al baraka! looks awesome *thumbs up*

Papi: thanks babe ;*

Bloboz: hahahahhaha nope that's my mommy and maybe if I lose some weight I could look a little bit like her ;)

Jandeef: I know! :)

Miyafushi: first of all welcome to my blog dear, and thanks :)

3baid: hahahahha, how so?

Hussa-G: welcome to my blog and thank you...I love this picture of her...it's one of my favorites :)

Shopa: thank you 7abebety :*

Tayha: you think I look a lot like her? wow! that's a compliment :)))))))
I wish I'm as good look as she was at my age :)

Ayya: e3yoonich al7elwa ;*

Alia: hahahahaha yeah her Ba7raini accent got to him before her looks ;)

PhotoFlow: thanks hon and thanks again for the tag ;)

QCG: taw ma nawar al blog...it has been a while since I saw you here...walahat 3ala your comments :*
and note taken about the colors...thanks 7abebety :)

Snookie: Hey California Girl...are you enjoying the sun? hahahahha...I'm glad you like the new look...thanks to Papillona :D

Wow..beautiful pic. But also freaky as well cause she looks so much like my mom....seriously! I almost jumped off my chair. Ma shaa allah :)

Jazz Central: sorry Jazz I didn't realize you commented here :)
so your mom looks like my mom ha?
sob7an allah...yekhleg min al shabah arb3een ;)
or maybe we are related some how...hmmmm :)

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